Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

What are you doing for New Years Night you may ask. My dad came over for dinner and we watched Toy Story 3. Now I am waiting for Shorty to set up her skpye so I can talk to her face to face. It is already her birthday because she lives on the east coast.

While I am waiting I am listing to the police scanner. Things are really hopping around town.

A New Years wish to you: Good health spiritually and physically, and may 2011 be the best year for you ever!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How much is the Quilt in the Window

Yesterday I went out to lunch with Mrs. Neighborhood Hero. We went to a pizza and pasta joint that has been in town as long as I can remember. Mrs. Neighborhood Hero (MNH) is a crafter. She quilts, knits, scrapbooks, makes jewelry and everything else.

After lunch MNH wanted to stop at the thrift store. I told her about this thrift store that I went to this summer. I got a steamer trunk for a very good deal. I told MHN about this old log cabin quilt that I had seen the day I bought the trunk. The quilt was all beat up, but you could see that someone had spent many hours of work on it. I am not sure how old it is, but it looks like it was made by hand. I didn't buy it that day I bought the trunk.

It was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The first sunny day we have had in a long time. We drove up to the thrift store, there in the sunny front window was that old quilt. My heart dropped. Everyone knows you can't put a quilt where the direct sun will hit it. Surely the sun will finish off that poor old quilt. 

MNH said OH my, look they have that old quilt in the direct sun. So we go in the store and are browsing around. MNH says to me, you should tell the owners that quilt should not be in the window. I said you tell the owner. After sometime MNH convinced me to go talk to the owner of the thrift store about the quilt.

I did not want to TELL the owner what to do, maybe she knew that the sun would destroy the quilt. I asked for the owner. The owner came out from the back of the store. I said, I saw this quilt when it came in this summer... maybe you know this already but just in case the sun is going to disintegrate that old quilt. The owner said "there is no sun in that window." What, I said surprised. The owner repeated herself that the sun does not come in that window. I said I just walked in your store and the sun was blazing brightly in that window. MNH mouth was hitting the floor about this time. The owner said the quilt was much better off being in the window then people handling it all day.  The owner of the store says, well if your so worried about that raggedy old quilt why don't you buy it. I said how much do you want for it. She proceeded with her cocky attitude and said how much will you give me. I walked out of the store, MNH right behind me saying she could not believe the store owners attitude. 

So at 9 o'clock this morning I thought I would drive by and see if the sun was in the front window that early in the morning.

Sure enough. The sun must hit that window all day. So I took this photo. Maybe the owner of the store thought I said moon. Who knows. The quilt looks like a reckless quilter made it. Maybe that is why I have some sort of personal attachment to it. 

So I told my gig a low about that poor abandon quilt that the store owner is abusing. He said why don't you just go buy it. Maybe I will.  I am not sure.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Difference between Romantic and Sentimental

"I'm a romantic; a sentimental person thinks things will last, a romantic person hopes against hope that they won't."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald  I just heard this quote last night. I love it!

 Are you a romantic ? Or are you a sentimentalist? 

I have worked my entire life not to be sentimental about to many things. Ok I am going to admit right here, right now that I am a sentimentalist according to the definition above.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yesterday Was Fun!!

My day really did not get started until around 11:30 AM when we went over to my sisters house. It was fun because The Mt. Family was there, The Raider Family was there, and the old standbys. Anyways Mt. Son brought his girlfriend. They were homecoming King and Queen at their school this year. Young love is so sweet. Raider baby was the sunshine in the room, with her cute toddler ways. Raider brother is in the "oven" jumping around like crazy. He is still baking.  No way I was going to put my hand on Raider Mom's belly. It is kind of nauseating just watching Raider Mom's belly moving around "by its self." 

For lunch we had Carnitas. It has been a tradition to have Mexican food for Christmas lunch since my 2 mom died.  A good time was had by all. 

I got an email from Miss Sunshine that her Fiancée was going to be playing at this little whole in the wall grunge bar in Starboard. Later I found out that it was "Jam" night and GG-GP and his band would be playing there too. So at the very last moment me and my gig a low decided to go to Starboard. 

The Grunge Bar was packed full of men in flannel shirts and casually dressed women. I wore white tube socks with my clogs and jeans. Yes, I am saying neon white. I just don't care.  I like flannel shirts, seems like my kind of bar. 

It was Blues night. The house band started playing. Oh did I want a beer. It just seemed like a really good place to drink. When the band would change, people would fight their way to the bar. It was a do it yourself bar. YOU go to the counter and order a drink, they do not come to you.  I resisted extreme temptation. YEY. GG-GP's band went on, everyone jumped to their feet. GG-GP's band took authority over the stage, and they pumped out the jams. They slaughter all the other bands musically and vocally. They were great. I am not just saying that because my brother in law is in the band. Next Miss Sunshine's fiancee went on. He plays saxophone. He had a cool swagger going on as he was playing. He was awesome. It was fun seeing Miss Sunshine so happy. She really is Miss Sunshine now.  I really had a terrific time at the grunge bar, even without the alcohol.

Here is the funny part. We were home by 10:00 pm. Do you remember when 10:00 pm was the time you go out, not come home? :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sky Is The Limit

The other day me and my sweet friend along with Allalian went out for a bite to eat. We where talking about work and our jobs not being very secure. Allalian said I work for a major corporation, you could get a job in my corporation. She said you have to pass a test. I said what kind of test? Math mostly. I said most likely I cannot pass a math test. Allalian said well RQ if "you expect to fail a test you will."

Oh how I hate those words.

When I was younger, I was a victim of "learned helplessness" during my k-12 years. After you fail test after test year after year, you do expect to fail. I stopped trying. After I graduated from High School and could not read or write, I found out I had dyslexia. I did not understand my diagnosis.

That all changed for me while I was in college.

First of all they tested me for a learning disability. It was confirmed that I have visual AND audio processing disorders. After all these years of being beat down by myself and other people who would say "if you would just try harder, your lazy, study more, IF YOU EXPECT TO FAIL YOU WILL," I was validated. There is a reason I fail test, even if I studied hard and expected to pass.

In college they tought me how to work with my brain malfunction and build new neurons. They gave me tools to check in with my dyslexia. They showed me modern technology that helps people like me. Like talking spelling check and a screen reader. They showed me text to voice scanning programs.  Is my dyslexia better? no. Can I work with it now? yes.

Sidebar: my gig a low helped me pass tests. He was there for me when I would cry and want to give up because it was all just to hard. Building neurons is painful. When I would hit the wall, and my brain just would not work, my gig a low was standing by with a warm hug. How lucky am I to have a man who understands my disability and who does not use my being disabled against me. I know you all have read the story about how my gig a low has helped me over the years.(see my funny and charming blog)

Let me remind you Allalian, I got a 3.75 in college. That is mostly an "A" average. I know about taking test. At the college when I had to take a test they accommodated my severe learning disability by giving me extra time and a scribe when I needed it. They never gave me a modified test. Not only that I spent hours and hours, months and months, years and years with tutoring. Just ask Dahlia. God bless her, it was no easy chore to tutor me.

I do not expect to fail a test.

I recently took a math test and failed. Was I surprised that I failed? no. Why, because now I know how my visual processing disorder limits me.

Do you think there is a difference between expecting to fail and knowing limits? Do you know what your limits are? Are you going to tell me there are no limits? Is it wrong for me to know and except my limits? Is that the same as expecting to fail? Do you think if I tried harder my brain would change magically?

Most people who say things like you did, really don't understand how learning disability's work. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hark the herald angels sing 
Glory to the newborn King! 
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled 
Joyful, all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim:
Christ is born in Bethlehem
Hark! The herald angels sing 
Glory to the newborn King!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The C word (Not Christmas)

Shorty's Birthday is coming up. Jan 1. Usually she is always late with her Christmas cards. Me I am more then late, I never send them at all. I got a card from her today. BEFORE Christmas. She always sends a photo of her two kids. Both are teenagers, good looking and smart! I called her up to thank her for the Christmas card, Anyways I am going to repeat this story Shorty told me. 

A couple of weeks ago one of  the students called Shorty and the other staff members a slang term about female anatomy that rhymes with bunt and starts with "C." Shorty says students call the staff all kinds of bad names, but they draw the line with that word. I am thankful I don't have students like that.

So the teacher called the mother in to discuss the students foul mouth. The mother said she was so sorry that the student called the staff the "C" word. The mother went on to say it must of been her fault, and she apologized. Apparently, the mother had been talking to the grandmother of the student on the phone. The mother called the grandmother a "C" and the student over heard the conversation, therefore, the student learned to use that word from the mom, and the mom was sorry that the student repeated it at school.

Wow, that is quite a story Shorty.

I will be talking to you again in just a few days, I hope you will have time to tell me more stories I can write on my blog!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Update 12/20

Update on what you may be asking? My life. Friday as you know was the annual work Christmas party.

On Saturday I went up to see MaMajane and my foster family. Mamajane looked very outstanding considering she just got out of the hosptial. My Foster Sister and Sis where there. I was so happy to see Sis because it had been such a very long time.

When I was young and troubled ( now I am old and troubled) Sis was always there for me, giving me cigarettes and booze. (Just kidding, not the booze) Sis was a very cool hippy with white go go boots when I first met her. She like to listen to the Rolling Stones and Led zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. That's where my love affair with good ole rock and roll started, with Sis. Sis looked very good. My Foster Sister looked great too. My Foster Sisters kids are all grown up now. Jude and Lannie where there. My Foster Brother and Hasting and Hasting's son, Lock and his sister CL and both of their kids.  I love my foster family.

Me and My Foster sister used to go skinny dipping in the built in pool at MaMajanes house.  In the middle of the night me and My Foster Sister would creep out of the house, get in our birthday suits and jump in the pool. My Foster Brother would love to sneak outside and turn the swimming pool lights on. He thought that was great fun. Me and My Foster Sister would scream and run for cover and a towel. MaMajane had a sign that read "I don't swim in your toilet, so don't pee in my pool"

On Sunday, went to church. Me and my gig a low ran all over town. At 7 pm my dad came over to watch the final episode of Survivor. We were happy that Fabio won, although Jane was my favorite.

Today I had to go grocery shopping. I was feeling very anxious and jumpy. No I did not have 7 cups of coffee. Only 2 1/2 cups. Anyways I was putting my grocery away when my phone rang. It was Phoebe. We were suppose to meet up at the Starbucks and I completely forgot. I told Phoebe to stay put. Phoebe is a very wonderful sister who is so FUNNY. She bought me a Alice (Alice in Wonderland) necklace. I LOVE, LOVE IT! After spending just a few minutes with her my nerves where calm. God bless her!

I came home and cooked a beautiful dinner for my gig a low and his oldest friend. His oldest friend looks like a homeless Santa Clause (HSC). He has a taste for good food and gambling. At first I was going to make spaghetti, but the holy spirit told me, nope don't make spaghetti. I did not know why, but I did know I needed to make something else. At dinner during conversation he brought up the fact that he was a chef for 15 years... SEE the holy spirit was right. That's why I fixed Salmon Wellington. Yep, it was a good choice.  Here was our menu:

Appetizers: Green olives - Greek country pitted, Italian pitted and garlic stuffed. Cheese slices-smoked cheddar and extra sharp cheddar from Canada. Crab Wantons that HSC sister made
Main Coarse: Salmon Welliton
Side Dishes: Rice- brown, red and white. Homemade applesauce, dill tarter sauce and fresh lemon off my tree.

After dinner we played poker. I lost 5 bucks. There was no way me and my gig a low were going to win against HSC.  I have never seen a professional poker player up close. It was kind of fun just to watch how he held the cards, counted the chips and cut the deck. Really not so much fun as it was intimidating in a fun kind of way. HSC was nice and let me and my gig a low win at first, next thing I knew I was out of chips.

Now I am writing my blog. MaMa Jane says she cant keep up with all my fooling around. I told her sometimes I can't keep up either.

I hope you have sweet sleep!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Annual Work Christmas Party

Last night I went to our annual work Christmas Party. I had made up my mind I was NOT going to get emotionally attached to any "White elephant" gift this year. My date is always- my gay friend Jamie and his partner.

There was bout 25 people there. My X Mormon friend remodeled her house and it looked beautiful. I was asking Jamie and his partner (AHP) - if you think someone in your family is gay should you just point blank ask them are you gay? AHP said no, you should never do that. He said he hates it when people ask him if he is gay. Jamie had mixed feelings about it.

The door opened and in walked FT. My blood turned to ice. The blow up Santa grabber is here.
She did not have her perfect snow white children or her very handsome husband with her this year. FT was alone. She walked right over to me and told me she was "sorry" for taking all the great gifts I have "won" the years. I had to look at her twice and make sure it was really FT.  I started to wonder if this was some space alien who had invaded FTs body?  FT patted me on the knee and plopped down right in front of me on the floor. I was thinking what is she doing? Has FT lost her mind?

The "White Elephant" game started. We picked numbers. I had 4 and FT had 10. FT said to me, get what ever you want and I will make sure you keep it. What ever they put in the sparkling cider was freaking me out. When it was my turn I picked a beautiful snowflake candle holder with 2 candles. I made an announcement that I was NOT going to get emotionally attached to any gift this year. FT turned around again and said don't you worry, you will get to keep the snowflake candle holder. Ok... A few turns later someone stole my snowflake candle holder. FT says do you really want that candle holder, I said yes, FT said ok then get me that cookie jar. When its my turn I will get the candle holder back. I started thinking what kind of manipulation is this? Ok I got the cookie jar. FT got the snowflake candle holder. FT said ok we will trade. BTW-This year there was no drunken intimations by unruly co workers kids.

Ok,, well, someone stole "my" cookie jar. FT told me to get the movie tickets, someone else just opened. I thought heck with this, I am going to get what I want. I am still being manipulated.  So I took  AHP's gift, different candle holders that I really liked. Someone stole AHP's gift from me. I had to take another turn. FT started to whisper get that kids game. I could tell that the lady who got the kids game did not like it, so I stole the kids game. When it was all said and done, I had the kids game and FT had the snow flake candle holder. FT turned to me and said ok lets trade.

FT was so proud of herself. She clinched her hands and proclaimed "I DID THE RIGHT THING, I am so happy." Wow. This was a monumental moment for FT. She patted me on the knee again and told me to enjoy the snowflake candle holder.

I drove home very happy last night.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lemon Curd and Jesus

My sweet friend called to say I have not been blogging enough. So I guess I will tell you about our Christmas Party at church.

Yes, I was back in the kitchen for 2 full days.  Yes, I had food slung all over the kitchen again. When the pastors wife would walk in she would say " That's my RQ" then she would giggle. Someone else handled the salad.

This year we had a tea. We had a tea that looked like it was out of the St. Francis Hotel. I must say we did a good job on the food. We had chicken cranberry salad sandwiches, pinwheel sandwiches, cucumber appetizer, salad, 3 different flavor scones, lemon curd  and a million tiny desserts.

73 women showed up for our tea.

I made up this fun game, even though it took way to long. I filled 12 tea cups with a different kind of tea in each cup. I took the label off the tea bag.  Each table had 2 representative come up, they could look and smell the tea but not drink it. I these teas:
  1. Perfect Peach
  2. Liptons black
  3. Carmel Vanilla
  4. Ginger snap
  5. White tea
  6. Camiemal 
  7. Black tea
  8. Green tea
  9. Pomegranate
  10. Raspberry
  11. Mint
  12. Sugar Cookie
I could not believe it one lady got 9 out of 12.  The people who participated in this game seemed to really think it was fun. I think the others were board.

This young lady spoke at our tea. Her name is London. She is only 19. London did a great job at speaking. She talked about the hustle and bussle of Christmas, and how for Christians  Jesus is the reason for the season.( I hate that saying but it sums up what she said quite well)

The pastors wife did an "alter call" and people excepted Jesus into their life. It was all very exciting.

I was walking around talking to people after the party was over. Many were telling me they had never eaten scones or lemon curd. Gunpoint had never seen such happiness. Lemon Curd and Jesus. What a great combination! The party was a great success!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today at Safeway

I went to Safeway this morning before church to pick up a few things. I was looking at the apples when the produce guy asked me if I would like a sample. I told him no I was finicky about those kinds of things, I have to wash my hands and the fruit. He said come over here you can wash your hands, and I will wash the fruit. Hmmmm. This young 30ish produce guy is flirting with me. I said no thank you. He said are you sure? I said yes I am sure. So I said how are the grapes? His eyes widen, oh they are very tasty, especially the green ones.  Ok I will take your word for it I said. He said I hope you don't mind me harassing you.. (ARE YOU KIDDING, I am flattered) I said oh its ok. As I walked to the cash register on cloud nine, I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face...

After I got home from church I realized I had forgotten black beans, corn, salad dressing and dog food. I guess I was to busy trying to figure out why this young guy was flirting with me.  Oh man I have to go back to Safeway. I had completely forgotten about my morning amusement. I was back in the produce section looking at the blue cheese salad dressing. I hear the produce guy saying OH your back. I said yes I forgot a few things. The produce guy said I could come back to "his" store anytime.  He said what did you forget? I named the list. He said what are you making, something south west? I said I guess you could say that. He said how about if I come over for dinner. (WHAT!!!!) I said (I am sorry to break your heart) my husband doesn't like me to bring guys home. Oh I see, the produce guy said. I left Safeway once again very happy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Memory

Jesus loves me—this I know,
For the Bible tells me so:
Little ones to him belong,—
They are weak, but he is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me-
The Bible tells me so!

Jesus loves me,—he who died
Heaven’s gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin,
Let his little child come in.

Jesus loves me—loves me still,
Though I’m very weak and ill;
From his shining throne on high
Comes to watch me where I lie.

Jesus loves me,—he will stay
Close beside me all the way.
Then his little child will take
Up to heaven for his dear sake.

You all died in December.

Rest in Peace,
MP 12/3
EM 12/1
AM 12/24
SSJ 12/11

No More Pain, No More Suffering, No more Tears.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am so Sad

Now MaMajane is very sick. She has all kinds of pulmonary problems. She has been in the hospital and  now is in a nursing facility. I hope I can go to see her soon. I just talked to my foster sister. It is so hard when parents get ill. My foster sister has healthy boundaries. Maybe I could learn from them. MaMajane is the best MaMa anyone can have.

Everyone has a different opinion on how much time should I spend with my ill parent, should they move in? Should you see them every day? Should they go in a assisted living home? How much time do I spend away from my own home and my family?

My father in law has cancer did I tell you? Yes, I think I did. I don't have to worry about him, he has a large family that will take good care of him. My responsibility with him is go over to his house once a week to play cards.

My dad is hanging in there. He is amazing. He is coming over for dinner tonight. We are having corn beef, potatoes and carrots. Miss Sunshine said I can't have corn beef because it is not St. Patrick's day. I love corned beef. It smells soooo good right now. I always use real pickling spice instead of the little packet of pickling spice.Tonight I am going to glaze the corn beef with honey mustard. Tonight is Survivor night on TV. So dad brings his score card and we guess who will be voted off.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Opera Today

Proverbs 31
30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;  but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Did anyone watch Opera today? (That is what my gig a low calls Oprah.) The truth is I don't watch Opera that much. Not that I think she is the devil or something, I am usually busy doing something else at 4 pm.

I thought it would be good for me to ride my bike, so I watched Opera to help pass the time, as riding your bike in the house is very boring. Today subject was fleeting beauty. So Opera had 3 "older" beautiful women on stage. Cybil Shepard apparently still thinks she is the most beautiful woman on earth. She was trying to give the camera a sexy look. I had to feel sorry for her. Cybil Shepard did not look in the mirror for years.

Opera made an interesting point during the show, that super beautiful women have all their self worth wrap up in their looks, therefor ugly women age better.  That may not be enlightening to you, but it was to me.

I was most impressed with Linda Evens from the tv show Dallas. She let her hair go gray, she is not putting on a show for anyone. I had forgotten that her husband left her for a 15 year old when she was in her prime. That must of been very hard on the ego. Her beauty did not hold a man or make her happy. It did make her lots of money.

Another funny thing that Opera said is her "blond" dog gets more attention. That part is true. I have noticed that with my own dogs.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Go Ask Alice

I love Alice in Wonderland. and I have to wonder why others FREAK OUT when you say Christian and Alice in Wonderland in the same breath. I have to question those people and say, do you know Alice in Wonderland was written in the 1800's, not 1969.

I also want to say do you know what the culture was like in the mid 1800's? They did not have TV, Wii, Xbox, dvd or movies. Back in those days people had to use their imagination to have fun.

For entertainment people would tell stories or riddles. They would play simple games like how many words can you think of that start with the letter M. Telling stories and riddles has become a lost art. I feel sorry for all you adults who have to be so in control of every little thing in your life. You can't have fun watching or hearing the story of Alice in Wonderland.  Having an imagination must be scary for you. Jerry Seinfeld used to say his tv series was "about nothing." The story of Alice in Wonderland was about nothing. It was JUST A STORY.

Maybe people get upset because the caterpillar is smoking a hookah. So what. It the old days in the middle east people used the hookah to smoke a sweet tobacco. Even here in America at one time smoking a pipe was social acceptable. There is also talk of Alice eating mushrooms. I eat mushrooms, do you? Does every mushroom have to be of the psychedelic kind?

Another problem is Alice in Wonderland is, NOT "traditional"according to some Christians. I am glad I am not stuck, never changing because of tradition. It used to be traditional to beat you kids for any minor offense.  Just because something is traditional does not ALWAYS mean right or good.  I am tired of traditionalist telling me I am the wrong kind of Christan because I don't do this or that.
I can see how some people would believe that tradition is comfortable. The unknown is very, very, frightening indeed. 

In a way before I became a Christian I was like Alice, wondering around, nothing made sense. I did not understand what was going on around me.  I kept trying to get "home", but I was lost in an underground world. I felt alone. Christ changed that for me.

By the way I LOVE the song White Rabbit by Jefferson airplane. If you go chasing rabbits!

Get over yourselves you Alice haters. I will go and have fun. You can stay in your boring lackluster world.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On The 8th Day of my Vacation

On the 8th Day of my vacation I woke up and looked at the clock. It said 5:30 am. I thought to myself still half asleep, it seems pretty light outside for 5:30 am. I deiced to go back to sleep. I couldn't. Come to find out It was 7:30 am! My clock had stopped.  MaMajane can you believe I slept that late? 
I got a cup of coffee and went to my computer. I checked in with my friends on facebook.

My dad came over and we took a printer and some other old electronic stuff to be recycled. Than it was off to Karna's Sassy Lass boutique. It was fun. I bought 2 bracelets. My friend Dixie was there.

Then it was off to lunch with part of the family. It was good seeing everyone, especially my oldest nephew- SS. SS lives down south by JD, not in the south like Mrs.F.  SS wanted to go to a new hamburger joint in Bookside. When me and my dad arrived the rest of the family was there. The restaurant was PACKED.  The family said lets go to Emilys. Oh NO. NOT EMILYS next to the hospital, that stupid restaurant smells like Kaiser. I kept saying lets go to The Counter. Nope- it off to Emilys. Once I got past the hospital smell,  it was ok. The hamburger was almost $10.00. What a rip off. It was good, but not great by any means. I get a better hamburger in Gunpoint for $5.00. Anyways it was fun hanging out with SS.

Me and my dad went to say Miss Sunshine and her boyfriend Honk. We only stayed a few minutes. I am very happy Miss Sunshine found someone. Miss Sunshine has a sparkle in her eyes. God bless her. I was kind of hyped up because of all coffee I drank at Emilys and I had garlic breath. Oh well. Honk  seems pretty down to earth. I hope they live happily ever after.

Next stop the Junk store. Dad bought stuff. Dad loves junk stores. He is like a kid in a candy shop.

I came home and made dinner. My gig a low was obsessed on the potatoes I made last night. Change in menu again. Left overs. GG-GP took the dishes out of the dish washer and refilled it. He said I worked really hard on dinner the last few night so I should have a break. How kind that he noticed.

To make a very long story short me and my gig a low came into a small amount of money. So after dinner I bought a new TV online. The TV in the living room keeps scrambling, so you hit the side of the tv and the picture comes back on but it is squiggly. That old tv was on its last leg. I got a great deal on the new television- half off. We may be homeless, but we will have a new tv darn it. This will be our first new TV in 15 years. The old tv was an "open box" from sears. It has done well all these years.

Did I tell you the dishwasher we bought on Craigslist works like a charm? I love it!

All of our stuff is wearing out.

After dinner I went to the import store. I bought stocking stuffers for my gig a low and GG-GP. I think I am pretty much done Christmas shopping now.

I can't believe this. I am turning into a vampire like my gig a low and GG-GP. Look how late it is and I am still awake. Maybe I will sleep all day tomorrow.

7th day of my Vacation

On the 7th day of my vacation I woke up. I got a cup or coffee and looked at the TV's that were on sale on the internet.
I put up blow up Santa. He is so cute! I love blow up Santa.

I really didn't do that much.

My Dad, GG-Gp, "A", JD come over for thanksgiving/Birthday dinner. We had ham, cheese potatoes, super easy Waldorf salad, crescents, and condiments. The garlic stuffed green olives where a big hit.

The most exciting news is JD has a new job as a SECRET AGENT for some unnamed US government agency.  Our first 007! JD is going to Europe for 11 days with "friends" on Christmas day.

"A" is super buffed, Ripped and has a 6 pack.

My gig a low bought me a micro-fiber, memory foam bathroom mat. I LOVE IT.
GG-GP was so kind to bring me flowers and card with a present in it.

JD and "A" gave me a beautiful card that says:

Know what makes you so great? You've got this attitude that says "there's plenty of love to go around"  If someone needs a little mothering you do it, I'm lucky to be one of the those someones who learned from you, laughed with you and been welcomed by your good and generous heart. you make the world better just by being in it"
love JD and "A".

The card brought a tear to my eye.

Friday, November 26, 2010

ON the 6th Day of My Vacation

ON the 6th Day of My Vacation I woke up. I got a cup of coffee and went to my computer to see who was going to have what for sale on Black Friday.
I did  housework. BORING.
I did some prep work for tonight dinner.
I did more housework.
I fix a turkey breast with stuffing for dinner.
I set the dining room table with the Blue Willow china my dad bought while he was in the Korean War. My table looks beautiful. I love blue and white.
I wrote my blog about Thanksgiving-rough draft.
Over all a very boring day.

I am thankful for my family, friends and doggies. I am thankful that my dad is around for another Thanksgiving. I am thankful to God and all he has blessed me with. I am thankful I can go to a grocery store and have 1000's of items to pick from. I am thankful that I live in America. I am thankful that you and I have the freedom of choice (that applies to everything.)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fond Memeorie of Thanksgiving Rough Draft

When I grew up we had big family Thanksgivings. Usually about 22 of us. There was always a "kids table" and an "adult table." When you graduated to the adult table it was a big deal. Even when I did graduate to the adult table I rebelled and sat with the "kids" they were more fun. The adults were to drab in their conversations. Some of our family's children were favored and ALWAYS sat at the adult table. All the rest of us noticed.

There was nothing that would divide our family more then lumpy gravy. Lumpy gravy had the giblets and gross turkey organs and neck in it. I dreaded that gravy all year. The smell when both my 1 and 2 mom would cook the extra parts was putrid. One day when I was about 14, when we all sat down for dinner, I took a stand. I proclaimed loudly " I do not like lumpy gravy, I think it is gross." My dad got REALLY mad. How dare I say something like that. After all lumpy gravy is a tradition and you don't mess with tradition. I heard some quiet voices backing me up. PART OF MY FAMILY IS BACKING ME UP!

The next year I started my campaign against lumpy gravy in July. After months of hounding, my 2ed mom make two gravies. One lumpy gravy, one not lumpy gravy. That pissed my dad off again. Us non-lumpy's were called whiners and told we were screwing up thanksgiving. We did not care, our gravy was smooth as silk. The following years we would divide up and sit according to lumpy or non-lumpy. The kids table became the non lumpy gravy table. We were happy with our non-lumpy gravy, mash potatoes, stuffing, black olives and sweet dinner rolls. The turkey was always over cooked and tasted like sawdust. I thought that was the way turkey was suppose to taste. We had green peas and cheese every year because that is what one of my brothers liked. We had haystack cookies. I loved haystack cookies.

Raider Mom reminded me of the Thanksgiving day I told one of my nephews that mushrooms grow in cow poop.

When I got my drivers license a whole new Thanksgiving world opened up. We broke a family tradition again. Instead of sitting around with the family all day doing nothing except watching tv and sleeping, me and Raider mom went to Tower Records. When I told my family me and Raider Mom  where going to Tower Record, my family said there is no place open on Thanksgiving. I said oh yes there is, Tower Records. It was open every day of the year from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. That started a tradition for me and Raider Mom and anyone else who wanted to go.

Every year I got stuck doing the dishes. I hated doing the dishes. 

I would always make an appearance at MaMajanes house. That is where all the action was. Some how it was always fun that MaMajanes house.

Thanksgivings just have not been the same since my 2ed mom died in 2004. The family has each gone their own way. MaMajane and my foster family have moved and each gone their own way. 

I miss those boring thanksgivings with the family.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Day Of My Vacation

The first thing I did on the 5th Day Of My Vacation is I woke up. I got a cup of coffee and went to my computer to see what was going on in the world. Most talk was about Dancing with the Stars. I have never watched it.

My sweet friend and I went to see the movie "Burlesque". THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN MOVIE! I know you are surprised. The plot was your typical Boy meets girl, very predictable, stupid in fact. The singing and the dancing was fantastic! Cher's song was a show stopper. She is incredible after all these years! Christina Aguilera can really belt out a song! The movie had 4 G D words I don't like that. One f word.  Usually I will walk out after 3. The movie showed a Nakie (naked) man bun. I haven't seen a cute little buffed butt like that in years!!!heheh. I like the gay lead. I forget his name. He seems really comfortable in his gayness. He must be a real one. Overall me and my sweet friend like the movie because of the singing. My sweet friend was making me laugh when she talked about these young girls and their hard bodies. This one dance in the movie the burlesque dancers had on these ittie bitty skirts make out of piano key fabric. My sweet friend said "it would take the whole piano to cover our butts." I laughed so hard. I told my sweet friend to speak for herself! We had a great time .

Than we decide to go to Whole foods to pick up a few things. It was as if Moses had parted the red sea. Drove right up, got a place to park, got what we needed and got out. There had to of been 10 million people shopping. We were very lucky.

I came home, and started to cook dinner when I noticed that the little adapter thingie (that hold the blade) was missing from my food processor. I looked high and low. No where to be found. GG-GP had done the dishes and he said he did not remember seeing it. My worst nightmare.

I had to go dig in the big garbage "toter." I pulled the toter to my yard and dumped it over. Piece by piece I sorted through the garbage. I will spare you the gory details. Nothing.  I looked in the recycle toter and someone (not mentioning any names) put a full bag of garbage in the recycle toter. I pulled the recycle toter on the lawn and dumped it out. I looked back in the toter to see if I had got everything out. There at the very bottom of the recycle toter was my food processor adapter. Praise God! Now it was 5 pm. I had to change my clothes and take a shower after digging in the garbage cans.  To late for Lasagna. Side note to Lila, I switched and had Mexi-Cali tonight, we will have lasagna on Saturday.
Dad came over for dinner and we watched Survivor. It was just a recap. Bummer.
I had a good day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On The 4th Day of My vacation

On the forth day of my vacation I woke up. I went to my computer with a cup of coffee to see what was going on in the world.

I went to WinCo to do some major grocery shopping. I was so happy the grocery store was not busy. I must of beat the rush. Come home put the stuff away (BORING)

I went back out this time to Walmart to pick up a few things (even more boring)

I put together GG-GP birthday present together.
I started on A's Birthday present

I started organizing Christmas stuff.

It is my gig a lows birthday today so I played secretary and filed a pile of paid bills stubs, invoices ect. My gig a lows love language is works. 

I made him a birthday dinner. Here it is

Chicken cooked in homemade whole cranberry sauce
Homemade scalloped cheesy potatoes.
"native" bread.
Mix Berry pie

He opened his birthday present  - Slippers-It is what my gig a low wanted!

My friend Lila asked about the menu. Yes I make a menu and stick to it. I take the meat out of the freezer, that makes me committed. It makes my life so much easier if I have a menu. I hate obsessing about what am I going to fix for dinner tonight. Here is the basic menu for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow Night - Lasagna, "native" bread, green salad
Thursday - Herb turkey breast,  homemade potato salad, stuffing, carrots
Friday - Apricot glazed- ham, Waldorf salad, MaMajanes super yummy potatoes, mini croissants, pumpkin pie, strawberry cheese cake (we are celebrating our birthdays and thanksgiving with my dad and the kids)
Saturday - Mex-Cali cornbread casserole
Sunday - leftovers :)

3ed day of my Vacation

On the 3ed day of my vacation I woke up. I checked the internet to see what is going on in the world. MaMaJane has a new facebook page. She has been and always will be the coolest mom ever.

I went out to breakfast with a friend. I was suppose to have "sour dough flapjacks." I think they forgot the sour dough starter. The pancakes where not fluffy or bubbly. The pancakes had no taste. The coffee was mild (boring coffee). It was really good to hang out with my friend. But I don't think I will be returning to this restaurant.

Juan come over to put our dishwasher in and fix the front gate and the back gate so the doggies don't get out.

I went over to my dads and picked him up, On my way over to my dad's I noticed that my bike rack was wobbling around.  I started praying that my bike rack would not fall off on the freeway.

Thankfully my bother was at my dad's house when I arrived. My pin lock had falling off and the bolt was loose. My bother fixed the bolt. Then me and my dad went on the hunt for a new lock. We went to REI and Any Mountain, I found one at Any Mountain,  The price tag said 21.99. The cashier said oh thats mis-marked it is 25.99. I said the price tag says 21.99. Ok already- she gave me the 21.99 price. Then my dad wanted to take me out to lunch. I said Dad I am not hungry I just ate breakfast. My dad insisted. So I got a kids meal buritto.

My Dad and I went to Walmart. They had canned chicken broth for .50 can. I took my dad home. I cleaned the other half of the dinning room.

I went all out last night and made TV dining. My gig a low and GG-GP had some sort of meat product and I had something that resembled an extra large chicken nugget.

We could not use the new dishwasher because we did not have enough dishes.

I made up my dinner menu for the week.

I finished watching the American music awards. I like the Black Eyed Peas the best.

That was it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Short Shorty Story

I keep forgetting to tell you this short Shorty story.

Shorty was doing a word search on the overhead to help her students find the words. One student raised their hand. Shorty called on the student. "Ms. Shorty, why do you have witches hands?"

The end.

2 day of my Vacation

The first thing I did on the 2ed day of my vacation is I woke up.
  • I did the laundry
  • Me and my gig a low got my dad's truck
  • We drove down to California Canyon
  • We got the dishwasher.
  • We stopped for breakfast in Wisteria. They had homemade cream cheese pumpkin muffins and extra strong coffee! I loved it.
  • We took the dishwasher out of the truck
  • I cleaned half of the dining room
  • I took the truck back to my dad's
  • I posted Raider Baby's photo here on this blog.
  • I made homemade butternut squash soup from scratch for dinner. We had cinnamon raisin toast to accompany our soup. 
I hope there are no cockroaches attached to the dishwasher. My gig a low said there are no cockroaches in California Canyon. I told my gig a low that cockroaches, mice, rats and bedbugs don't care how swanky the neighborhood is. They do not discriminate between rich people and poor people. I made him leave the dishwasher outside over night just in case.

My cell phone has a dead battery and my charger is in the classroom. Great.

Raider Baby Photo

Do you remember when Raider Baby was born? Look how fast she is growing. She is adorable. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Day of My Vacation

On the first day of my vacation - I woke up. I checked whats going on in the world on my computer. Today is Sis's Birthday. Happy Birthday Sis.

My sweet friend took me out to breakfast for my birthday. She let me pick. I wanted to go to the hole in the wall. It is in the back of a strip mall in Rolling Hills.  This little cafe has been in Rolling Hills for years. They have signs hanging on the walls that say things like "If you haven't been served in 30 minutes you probably won't be served at all."  It was packed. We had to sit at the counter. I had the "Tuesday Special" on Saturday, eggs and french toast. This little hole in the wall has the very best hash browns.

We attempted to go to some holiday boutiques. We could not find one, we were a week early for the other. So we stopped at an antique store. They where having a "Vintage Christmas"

I think I must of been a little shaky after about 8 cups of coffee. I found this very cute red truck ornament. I promptly dropped it and it broke in 1 million pieces. Oooopps, I guess I just bought it. The owners said it was ok, not to worry that it happens all the time. I told my sweet friend it was time to get out of there.

I got home and the phone rang. It was my dad. He just got home from the hills. He had a truck load of firewood. So I went over to his house and unloaded the truck load of wood. It had been pouring down rain. It smelled fresh outside. It was cold and windy. I loved it. I told my dad to go in the house and get some rest.

While I was unloading the wood I was thinking I love this kind of work, compared to house work. House work boring- working outside happy. I loved the smell of the wood, I loved working hard. I loved being outside. My 2 mom used to call me her "country girl," ( that was a compliment) I think she was right. I am misplaced.  It took me about an hour but I gotter' done. I was happy to help my dad. I went home.

Me and my gig a low have been looking for a new dishwasher. Ours has stopped working. So I have been looking on Craigs list. I found one today. We are suppose to get it tomorrow. I will have to cut church to go get it. My gig a low email the pastor to tell him we would not be at church. Kind of like calling in sick I suppose. I see the ad is still up. I hope it works.. You never know if your going to get taken when you buy things on Craigs list.

I cooked a pot roast for dinner with all fixing.

My gig a low and I watched the movie "Goonies."

It was a good day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blow Up Santa

My x Mormon friend is getting ready to have her annual Christmas party. I said to my x Mormon friend, no kids at the party this year right? She assured me no kids. We will see.
my oath:
  • I will not get attached to any gift I get. 
  • I will act mature and not have a melt down if someone takes my present! I PROMISE.
  • I will not be annoyed at the people who are drunk and out of control.

I am already thinking about blow up santa. At 12:01 am Nov. 26 he is going up in the front yard. I love blow up Santa. Thanks to MaMajane and Sis, I will be able to keep up with the Jones'es! I can't wait to tell that _____ that I got a blow up Santa that was way better then hers! Deep in my heart I want her to tell me her blow up Santa did not work.

Thank you MaMajane and Sis for the gift that keeps giving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shorty's House

The other day me and my sweet friend were driving around looking for "holiday boutiques." One lead us right into the street where Shorty lived. Of course I had to show my sweet friend where Shorty grew up.

As we drove down the street all the awful memories started pouring back. It was as if we were approaching a hunted house at the end of the street.

Me and Shorty's mom did not get along. She thought I was a bad influence (who me?)  I was about 13 years old at the time. I decided to get revenge. I went in to Shorty's mom's bathroom medicine cabinet and flushed half her birth control pills down the toilet. Poor Shorty got her ass whooped for that one. I told Shorty's Mom I did it. Didn't matter, Shorty still got a beating.

Dear Shorty,

I still feel very bad about that one. I want to cry even now. Not that I messed up your mom's menstrual cycle, (or sex life) I feel bad that you were punished so severely. I am so sorry Shorty.

Your life long friend

Ps Remember you promised to come back to California in June.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marimoto - Napa Part 2 the Food (Update)

Karna and I went to "Marimoto - Napa." The world renowned Iron chef who became popular after the show Iron Chef on the food netword.

This food review will be as if we were judges on the original Iron Chef show.

Chairmen- our first judge is Karna. Karna is a famous crafter and socialite. (applause)
Our next judge is RQ.  RQ is a writer of a blog that is read from people around the world and she is also a socialite. (applause)

Now that the formal introductions are out of the way we can get down to business.

Amber our server brings us our first delight. A non alcoholic - Pomegranate spritzer!

Karna- It is refreshing. I would like to get this recipe.

RQ -The soft pinkish color draws you to the drink. The liquid seems comfortable in the glass. The drink has a slight amount of foam that makes it enticing. On top of the foam there is a mint leaf and pomegranate seeds that resembles the head of a dragon. I have to agree with Karna, the drink is refreshing. Like ying and yang. Not to sweet not to sour.

Next Amber brings us our appetizers:

Karna gets the Soft shell crab roll - deep fried soft shell crab, asparagus, tobiko, avocado, scallion, spicy sauce.

Karna- this is fabulous.

RQ gets the Rock shrimp tempura – spicy kochujan sauce, wasabi aïoli.

RQ- this dish was worth driving to Napa for.  It had a perfect balance. Fire and ice. The wasabi aïoli flavor was very soft,  sweet and beautiful like the dance of the snowflakes in the Nutcracker ballet. The flavor of the spicy kochujan sauce was like a sexy flamenco dancer, alluring and captivating. The flavors danced all over my pallet. The shrimp was breaded, light and fluffy like a cloud,  that had a hint of sweetness. This dish came with a dill sauce that was very good. This appetizer was revolutionary.

Amber brings us our main course the chefs lunch.

Karna had -Angry chicken lunch – grilled chicken thigh, shishito pepper. Vegetable tempura and bleu cheese sauce, sushi and salad.

Karna- This is chicken with attitude. Not to spicy. The rice seems to absorb the flavors of the chicken. Vegetable tempura is very good. The salad was very good. The sushi was the best she had ever had. Karna has had sushi from all around the country and from fine restaurants in San Francisco. Karna says the other sushi she had could not compare to the freshness and perfection. This is no safeway sushi.

RQ had the Beef teriyaki lunch – beans and carrots sesame seed. Vegetable tempura and bleu cheese sauce, sushi, tofu miso soup. RQ requested fully cooked or vegetarian sushi as it is not her forte.

RQ - I gobbled the sushi down like a pelican trying not to taste it. (boooo from the audience) I have to say the rice was tasty and the presentation of the food on the plate was a masterpiece. The cold egg "omelet" sushi reminded me of a little mini sumo wrestler on my plate, he would fight me on the way down. (boooo, hiss) the cooked tuna sushi was tasty.  I would be tempted to try this raw. My plate had fresh thinly sliced ginger that tasted like Christmas. The vegetable tempura was light and airy. There was carrots, okra, a leaf and some peppers. It was way to salty for me. It tasted like the ocean, but there was no bitter after taste in your mouth. (people screaming  BOOOOOOOO) I could not really taste the blue cheese that was at the bottom of the bowl. The soup was an unfortunate choice. The flavors where not compatible. I absolutely did not like this one at all. (people are screaming for me to get off the stage.) The Beef Terriyaki made me forget about the rest of the dishes on the lunch plate. It reminded me of a ride back in time on the luxurious orient express, in all its glory.  (cheers from the audience) The meat was perfect. The Terriyaki glaze sparkled like a star at night. The sauce was sweet and tangy. This was melt in your mouth divine. All is redeemed. 

After our table is cleared Amber brings us dessert.  Ice Cream Sandwiches. 3 squares about 3x3 each.
One chocolate, one peanut butter,  one lime ginger.

Karna - I like the lime ginger ice cream sandwich the best, so I am going to eat it last. These are very good.

RQ - The peanut butter ice cream sandwich reminded me of a peanut butter milk shake in a square.  It was rich and creamy. It had a very light peanut crust. Eating this one brought forth fond childhood memories, like a day without school. The chocolate ice cream sandwich tasted like sour milk. Much to my disappointment I have to say I am going to have to minus points for this one. (booo) The best ice cream sandwich was the lime ginger. The crust was delicate lace and spice. The ice cream was fresh and exciting. It was like walking through a tropical rain forest. Karna was right. The ginger lime ice cream sandwich was a blue ribbon winner.  It was an honor to eat it.

Combined total points of the restaurant ambiance and food
Karna - 10
RQ - 9.5

Marimoto wins!