Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am so Sad

Now MaMajane is very sick. She has all kinds of pulmonary problems. She has been in the hospital and  now is in a nursing facility. I hope I can go to see her soon. I just talked to my foster sister. It is so hard when parents get ill. My foster sister has healthy boundaries. Maybe I could learn from them. MaMajane is the best MaMa anyone can have.

Everyone has a different opinion on how much time should I spend with my ill parent, should they move in? Should you see them every day? Should they go in a assisted living home? How much time do I spend away from my own home and my family?

My father in law has cancer did I tell you? Yes, I think I did. I don't have to worry about him, he has a large family that will take good care of him. My responsibility with him is go over to his house once a week to play cards.

My dad is hanging in there. He is amazing. He is coming over for dinner tonight. We are having corn beef, potatoes and carrots. Miss Sunshine said I can't have corn beef because it is not St. Patrick's day. I love corned beef. It smells soooo good right now. I always use real pickling spice instead of the little packet of pickling spice.Tonight I am going to glaze the corn beef with honey mustard. Tonight is Survivor night on TV. So dad brings his score card and we guess who will be voted off.

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