Thursday, December 30, 2010

How much is the Quilt in the Window

Yesterday I went out to lunch with Mrs. Neighborhood Hero. We went to a pizza and pasta joint that has been in town as long as I can remember. Mrs. Neighborhood Hero (MNH) is a crafter. She quilts, knits, scrapbooks, makes jewelry and everything else.

After lunch MNH wanted to stop at the thrift store. I told her about this thrift store that I went to this summer. I got a steamer trunk for a very good deal. I told MHN about this old log cabin quilt that I had seen the day I bought the trunk. The quilt was all beat up, but you could see that someone had spent many hours of work on it. I am not sure how old it is, but it looks like it was made by hand. I didn't buy it that day I bought the trunk.

It was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The first sunny day we have had in a long time. We drove up to the thrift store, there in the sunny front window was that old quilt. My heart dropped. Everyone knows you can't put a quilt where the direct sun will hit it. Surely the sun will finish off that poor old quilt. 

MNH said OH my, look they have that old quilt in the direct sun. So we go in the store and are browsing around. MNH says to me, you should tell the owners that quilt should not be in the window. I said you tell the owner. After sometime MNH convinced me to go talk to the owner of the thrift store about the quilt.

I did not want to TELL the owner what to do, maybe she knew that the sun would destroy the quilt. I asked for the owner. The owner came out from the back of the store. I said, I saw this quilt when it came in this summer... maybe you know this already but just in case the sun is going to disintegrate that old quilt. The owner said "there is no sun in that window." What, I said surprised. The owner repeated herself that the sun does not come in that window. I said I just walked in your store and the sun was blazing brightly in that window. MNH mouth was hitting the floor about this time. The owner said the quilt was much better off being in the window then people handling it all day.  The owner of the store says, well if your so worried about that raggedy old quilt why don't you buy it. I said how much do you want for it. She proceeded with her cocky attitude and said how much will you give me. I walked out of the store, MNH right behind me saying she could not believe the store owners attitude. 

So at 9 o'clock this morning I thought I would drive by and see if the sun was in the front window that early in the morning.

Sure enough. The sun must hit that window all day. So I took this photo. Maybe the owner of the store thought I said moon. Who knows. The quilt looks like a reckless quilter made it. Maybe that is why I have some sort of personal attachment to it. 

So I told my gig a low about that poor abandon quilt that the store owner is abusing. He said why don't you just go buy it. Maybe I will.  I am not sure.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Get it....Get know you want it....It needs a good loving!!!