Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping is for the Dogs

Yesterday afternoon, Jeremiaha called me and asked if I wanted to go to Brookside, because she had to return a few things. I have not been shopping in a longggggg time so the thought was appealing.

Jeremiaha had to go to Nordstrom's. It has been quite a while since I had been able to spend time with Jeremiaha so I was happy I could go with her.

Nordstrom's was having their half year sale so the place was like a bee swarm of people. It was almost as if the store was floating with movement. The first stop was the shoe department on the first floor. As you know Nordstrom's has leather chairs and beautifully upholster couches to sit on at the shoe department and through out the store.

I look over to my left and their sits a Prima Donna with her Designer dog (mutt) on the couch. I said WHAT, a dog on the couch in the shoe department, thats disgusting, I am calling the health department. . Prima Donna heard me and tried to scorch me with her eyes. Prima Donna was trying to stared me down. That's laughable lady. It was obvious that she and her dog rule with an iron fist at home. The dog started yipping. Maybe I hurt the mutts feelings.

The more I moved around the store, the more dogs went by me. All these little teacup dogs with pink tutus and diamond collars. I was shocked.

While Jeremiaha was upstairs trying on clothes I milled around and asked employees what they thought about all these dogs in the store. Apparently they have been told NEVER to say anything to anyone about it. One employee told me so. They are instructed to say "I don't have an opinion" Even though they all did. Two different employees said the dogs poop in their department. The very spoiled owners just glare at employees and expect them to pick up the dog poop. That is outrageous. I am calling the health department.

Sometimes people bring their dogs when sitting on patios of cafes or outside coffee shops. I really don't have a problem with that. I love dogs. I have two. Not only that, some people have working dogs that help them see,  hear or help with medical problems, You would never see a working dog sitting on a leather chair at the department store. 

Sis, can I borrow one of your Great Danes next time I go over to Nordstrom's? Better yet, does anyone have a Pitbull I can borrow for my next trip to Brookside? hehehe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Takeing Risks 2

So by the time I got to my dad's house I had talked myself out of dad driving one of those go cart things at the grocery store.. It has only been 23 days since his surgery. I think go cart riding should wait for 6 weeks. So I had an offer and compromise ready. I said Dad, I don't think you should drive the go cart thing just yet. This is what I heard in reply- why the *$&% not. I said Dad it is to soon. I would feel terrible if your wound started bleeding again.  I told him I would look at the go cart to see if I thought they might work  So, in any case I will do the shopping and then I will get you out of the car and you can go into Lucky's and pay for your food. I heard more grumbling. So we got to the store. I ran in and checked the go carts. I told my dad that  in my professional opinion the seat leaned back to far and it would be a problem, so I would shop and then he could go to the cash register and pay for his food. Ok. He was good with that now.

On the way home he wanted to stop at the Burger King drive through. He loves fast food. He got the A1 steak house Cheddar cheese burger and fries. He ate the whole thing. He seemed happy.

Taking Risks

I believe sometimes we have to take risks to move forward. If the men on Omaha beach during WW11 did not take risks and push forward despite the odds, we would all be speaking Germen right now. I know bringing up "war words" are an extreme example.  I do feel like my dad's multiple illness are battles in the war he will ultimately lose. I guess ultimately we will all lose someday.

All my dad has to do now is focus on himself and his problems. If my dad just sits around and plays King, how will he ever get better??? I took a huge risk when we went outside for our first walk after surgery, he could fall at any second. Any fall would be the end of him. 

I worked in nursing for years, you have to push people to do things for themselves as much as you can. It is alot easier to do that when your not the daughter.

Today I might take my dad grocery shopping. He can drive around in one of those little go cart things. Maybe it is to soon to do that. Or maybe it will be good for him to get out and think about buying grocery's. Is it risky? yes. All kinds of germs, getting in and out of the car, falling off the go cart, his incision opening out again. Jeeze, maybe I am talking my self out of taking him out....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bible Study

So tonight at bible study we were planning a "fun" night. No one had any suggestions except going out to dinner. Don't get me wrong, I love to go out to dinner. But to the Olive Garden, come on people, that is so boring. So I piped up and said lets go see the Genghis Khan exhibit at the High Tech museum. It was dead silent. Finally someone said that sounds educational. I said yes, I like educational things.  Someone else said who is Genghis Khan, so I told them. They all voted that the Olive Garden would be a better choice. Oh well.

Sometimes I like to say what I think or what others may be thinking but are afraid to say it or write it.

Case in point- Tonight at bible study we ended up talking about building character I said (and I know i am not the only one in the world that feels this way) I am sick of all this building character stuff. I have enough character for 30 people. They said what, you want a trouble free life? yes. Even a vacation from my life would be good, They told me that it was good for me to go through my troubles that way I could speak from the heart to lead others to God.  Ok, how can you argue with that?

Dear Jesus,
I am like the people in the wondering in the desert. Whining and complaining, really you have provided much for me. Please forgive my sour attitude.  I know,  you know what is going on in my life. Please help me let go, and let you take over. I don't like being like this. I love to love you God. You talked about David being a man after your own heart even when he prayed for you to kill his enemies. David was depressed and cried on his pillow. He killed his soon to be wife's husband.  You still forgave him and said he was after your heart. I hope you can say that I am a woman after your heart. I don't want to end up a broken person like David.
Your Daughter.

Pick Up

It has been very cold and raining here. On of my students put it best, she said it was "Christmas cold."

Yesterday when I went to get my Dad it was Christmas cold and pouring down rain.

Kaiser parking is a mess because they are doing all kinds of construction. I know you all have heard me complain about the parking structure. It is even worse now. I went to the ER parking lot where you park to pick up your loved ones. It was full of cars.  I remember they Kaiser has valet parking now inside the parking structure. So I drove around to the other side of the hospital and got in line (about 10 minutes)  for valet parking. When it was my turn I said to the attendant- I just have to go pick up my dad, he will be in a wheel chair, it shouldn't be more then an hour. The parking attendant said "you cant park here- so get out of line and drive around in up and down the parking structure until your dad comes out." I said to him, you're joking right? No,I am not.He said do you have a handicap placard? I said I left it at home. I said so only handicap people can use the valet parking? the attend said no. I said ok, I am REALLY UNHAPPY with this. You need to park my car so I can go get my dad. Oh ok, we do not want you to be unhappy so here is a parking place right up here, go ahead and park there.
Why is it that you have to fight for ever last little thing at that hospital?  Maybe all hospitals are the same. I don't know.

Update on the Update 5/26

 I decided to go to work yesterday. I found out with my dad's last few surgery's that whoever says surgery will be at 10:00 am that they mean 4:00 PM.  I told every nurse, doctor, lab tech that I could find to call me 30 min prior to surgery. Especially, if he is going under general anesthesia.

Yesterday morning my phone started ringing.

9:30 am - "A"  doctor calls me to tell me they are not doing surgery
9:45 am - my brother in law calls to say they will be doing  surgery 11:00
10:00 am - Orthopedic Doctor calls to say they are not doing surgery. The wound has stopped bleeding and they don't want to mess with it.
11:00 "A" doctor calls to see if Orthopedic Doctor called me.
11:30 My brother in law calls me to tell me they are sending dad home around 3:00 pm. 
I left work at 1:45
I Had dad home and settled in by 3 pm.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dad Update

Much to my shock, dad was released from the hospital today. I will write more tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

This is What Happend

On May 6th Dad had a hip replacement because my Aunts husband fell on him. 
  • Dad was in the hospital for a week. 
  • Dad went to a skilled nursing facility for a week.
  • Dad signed himself out a day early so he came home last Saturday.  
  • On Saturday May 22 we took dad to the ER because his hip incision was bleeding. 

We were in the ER (blue side) for 12 hours. They gave dad a room upstairs. The Orthopedic surgeon said they  have to open up his hip incision, clean it out and staple it back up again. The surgery got put off a day because his coumadin level is to high.  They might do the surgery tomorrow??

Dad was in better spirits today. We went for a walk around the "A" side of the hosptial. I rolled his IV machine as he went along with a walker. 

There is a lady down the hall who is literately screaming all the time. HELP HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE. The ironic thing is the next room over, there is a yellow sign on the door that says "quiet patient is healing"

Robert went home today.

Update 5/24 AM

 My dad's room mate is just what he might be. I thought His name is Robert. Robert is a retired car auctioneer. 

Robert does not like tv. He reads about history, science and biography's.  So I asked him, what are you reading? "A Man's Guide to Backing Up a Trailer." Me and dad giggled.
Just about that time the nurse came it. The nurse had a strange name like Supeundie. Robert kept calling her "suspenders." She had a good humor and laughed about it, Suspenders was trying to give Robert his pain pills. It sounded like she was saying affection. Robert was very happy that Suspenders was going to give him affection.  No, it was just a pain pill, not affection.

A discharge planner came in- Robert tried to joke with him. The discharged was having none of Roberts fooling around and making jokes. So when the discharge planner walked out Robert said he "judges a mans intelligence by his sense of humor" Robert concluded the discharge planner was very stupid.  

My dad said earler in the day Robert got dressed hoping he would get discharged. He did not. So Robert took a walk to downtown Brookside and had lunch at a nice cafe. Robert came back, put his hospital gown back on and got back into bed. Robert is supposed to get discharged today. 

Dad is cranky. I don't blame him. He is weak. He might have to go to surgery today or tomorrow. It is a wait and see things.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Few More things about Yesterday

Here are a few things that happened yesterday.  I was to tired to write about them last night.

Here is one question the nurse asked Dad when he got  to his room.

How is your health?

Dad says "good." 
I started to quietly giggle, because if his health was good he would not be admitted into the hospital.

Down in  ER the 15 minuet Doctor, was there. I like the 15 minute Doctor. The last time we where in ER - when dad broke his hip, we had the 15 minute Doctor.  The 15 minute Doctor. said my dad had a Mercedes tattoo on his chest and abdomen. He was referring to the Whipple surgery scar.

It seems as though once the Doctor. and some nurses find out that Dad has had a Whipple Surgery he gets special treatment.  Most people still do not know about Whipple surgery. It is very uncommon that people live through them, much less a whole year after. So far dad has made it 11 months. 11 months of pure hell, but he has done it.

Anyways from dad's "blue" room I could see what the doctors were doing on their computers. The 15 minute Doctor. spent some time on facebook, before he got to some chest x rays. Dr. Jackass spent his time reading reports and talking on the phone. I have to admit if I was in a critical state life or death, I would want Doctor Jackass. His bedside manor is dreadful, but when it comes to his job he takes it seriously. He wants to save life and limb. Maybe that is why he is so cocky? I don't know. The 15 minute Doctor is good for minor problems.

I really wanted to talk to the Rebel nurse, but I never caught up with her. She "has our back." I liked her the very first time Dad went to the ER during chemo. She says if we need anything come to her, and she will "getter done."

Next door to Dad in the blue side of the ER was a bipolar tweenager. He had a security guard standing by his door. I kept waiting for something to happen. Nothing did.

There was a little tiny baby two rooms over. The screams and cries of a baby in the ER makes me sick. I feel sad for the mother knowing something has gone wrong for her baby, I feel sad for the baby because the baby does not understand what is going on. Poor little thing,  Lord help that little tiny baby get better please.

I over heard the nurses talking about a crazy Vietnam vet. Apparently, he was a hard one to handle.  He had issues with space, like don't inter his.

Dad got a roommate soon after we arrived in the room. I think this roommate is going to compare to Bill the belly dancing roommate he had.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


 I have just been at Kaiser for the last 12 hours. Dad went to ER than admitted. I have deicited that I am going to write the unofficial guide to Kaiser.

Today we where on the blue side again. We saw the rebel nurse and Dr. Jackass. Thank God dad did not have Dr. Jackass. He had very good care in the ER and up in his room today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you

Thank you for your calls, emails and post. I feel really cared for. You have help me get though this very tough time in my life. I am feeling better today.

Today I felt:
a little rebellious
and best of all loved.

Today I did not cry.
Today I laughed out loud!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boom Boom

On my way to work this morning, I had a word picture come to my mind. It was Rose's X screaming for Lily to stand up and get out of her coffin. I realized that I keep trying to resurrect things that are dead.  No wonder I am so tired and depressed. Bottom line is I cannot resurrect things, only Jesus can. 

At work Mr. Medic said that he did not think I was out for the count. He said he could still see the fight in my eyes. I told him, yes indeed it is hard for me to quit (anything.) Miss Sunshine said that I am moody, and Malinda is a very caring and giving person. She checked in with me today first thing.

I went to a union meeting today. I cussed like a drunken sailor. It was fun. Yes, I stooped to a new low. I did not care.

Do you remember the song - BOOM BOOM OUT GOES THE LIGHTS? That was the song that was in my head all day.

I had someone tell me today, that my dad's illness was "not about" me. That was a strange thing to say. When something affects your life, doesn't it become about you? Yes it is his illness. Yes, he is suffering. I can't even comprehend what is going on in his mind. But the results of his illness roll down hill on me and everyone else in the family.

Me and my dad went on a "walk" today. It was good. 

I have been thinking about MaMajane all day today. I wonder how many time she went to bed and cried? How did she handle the stresses of life? I look up to MaMajane so much. Thank you God for MaMajane.

I am sorry for all my friends in blog land. I have not visited your biogs lately.  It is true when you are depressed you turn inward.

Thank you for the reminder Blue Ridge! It was a good one!

Cha-Cha thank you for the prayers , they have helped hold me up.

I am very grateful for my sweet friend.  

As bleak as everything seems right now,  I know God is with me not against me. 

Eph 3

 Ephesians 3 -21

14For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I am sorry I have not written. I have been very depressed. I can only think of one other time I have been this depressed in my adult life, back in 2001.

The other night all I could do was cry. To many things going wrong in my life. I go to sleep and wake up exhausted. Every hour seems like 10 hours.

Someone called me on the phone, all I could hear was bla bla bla. I could not answer them. They were telling me ,You have to do this, you have to do that.

On the other hand I had someone in my life drive away- as they where leaving they said if there is anything I can do just let me know. Didn't I just spend 2 hours telling you I need help?  Didn't I tell you I needed help with this and that?

God has a plan for my life.... is this the plan?

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am at dad's house. He checked himself out of SS creek today. He is crabby and does not want visitors,  OH BOY.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Funny Story

My big brother told me this story the other night when my dad was having surgery.

My great nephews where up at my big brothers house. My big brother has been teaching them about chickens. They can tell the difference between hens and a rooster, they collect eggs, clean the coop, ect. My brother was teaching them about feeding the chickens. My big brother told my great nephews (who are 5 and 6 years old) that chickens bite so you need to be careful. One of my great nephews says "grandpa chickens don't bite - because they have peckers." I thought that was very funny. He was right, chickens do have peckers.

So I thought I would repeat this story at bible study tonight. No one thought it was as funny as i did.

Mental Health

I went swimming today for my mental health. The water was justttt right. It was good. My friend said it was good to see me smile again.

So last night Dad's temp was 102.6. They started him on IV antibiotics.

Today I stopped by the administration office to let them know that I was unhappy about the way they handled (or did not handle) my dad's chills and high temperature. No one had bothered to let them know my dad's fever was so high. More to this story that I am just to tried to talk about. Sigh.

Blue Ridge said that she heard 60,000 teachers are getting laid off nation wide. Whats up with that? Why don't people care about their kids anymore? I hope I am not around to see America as a 3ed world country.

I feel like I am going full steam ahead into a brick wall

Monday, May 10, 2010

The system 3 / Dave the RN

Before dad was discharged Dave the Kaiser RN came into dad's hospital room and informed us that dad needed to take off his hospital gown and put on real clothes. After giving Dave the 3ed degree about why does dad need to take off his hospital gown and put on his clothes I got the real answer.

Kaiser is losing money, each hospital gown cost $20. It is costing Kaiser hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in hospital gowns. He also said make sure the EMT's don't take the bedding. I told Dave that I understand most things these days boil down to the all mighty dollar.  On the other hand  Dave I have some problems here.

1, Dad can't move his right arm to get a shirt on

2. Dad cannnot stand up or do a hip raise to put his pants on

3. Are you helping me by telling me these things and walking out the door ?

4. You are not providing the help so dad can in fact change his clothes.

Soon after that the EMT showed up. They told me to go wait by the ambulance.  Ok. The first thing I noticed when they got dad down to the pick-up parking was he still had his hospital gown on. I said to the EMTs, Kaiser wants to keep their gown. They shrugged it off loaded dad up and off we went.

After getting buckled in the ambulance I noticed they had dad, his hospital gown, all this bed sheets, and blanket.  I told them Dave the RN wants his sheets back. The EMT's said Dave and Kaiser will be fine without them and off we went.

When we got to SS Creek, I said to the nursing staff, Kaiser wants all their stuff back. The little Asian nurse said don't worry about it and she wadded the hospital gown up and threw it in the dirty laundry. She said we have Kaiser staff here. It will be taken care of.  All righty then.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day at SS Creek

I wanted to have a meal with my dad today. So me and my gig a low went to Smooth Stone Creek Convalescent (SSC) hospital to have lunch.

Our lunches came covered in one of those plastic domes.  Our lunch was something that resembled chicken cordon bleu (but I am still not sure what it was,)  a small salad, half of baked potato, and a family favorite, GREEN BEANS. It was all ok because I was having lunch with my dad and my gig a low.

Dad seemed to be in better spirits today, although he is still not using his right arm. He has not gotten out of bed yet. He is having a hard time eating because of the pain in his shoulder and his shaking.  His temperature has gone down to a low grade fever.

The nursing home staff seems to do pretty good about the care they give and the LVN's seem to be prompt with my dad's diabetic care.

This morning I was looking on the state's website. They give Convalescent hospitals a star rating just like hotels.  Windsor has a 1 star rating and SSC has 4.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The System 2 / Dad Update May 8 10

Today to the family's shock they discharged my dad to a nursing home. I have learned many things about Kaiser over this last year. The number 1 thing I learned is you need an advocate.

Last year when my dad had cancer surgery, Kaiser discharged my dad to the city dump that is called "Windsor Care Facility" over my protest. This time that was not going to happen.

My dad had already made up his mind he wanted to go to Smooth Stone Creek Convalescent hospital. The Kaiser "patient care coordinator" (discharge planner) came in and asked where he wanted to until he gets better.  S S Creek Convalescent dad said.  The planner came back to tell us that Smooth Stone Creek was booked up. They only had rooms available at Windsor. I said well then, I guess my dad is just staying here at Kaiser, because there is NO WAY he is going to that hell hole. My sister in law looked at me a little frazzled. The discharge planner said she would be back.

It truly was an amazing thing. 40 minutes later dad had a room at Smooth Stone Creek.  At 1:30 he was transported by ambulance to SS Creek. I rode in the ambulance with him.

Dad is having a hard time. Please pray for him, it is really rough right now.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The System

Today my dad did pretty good. He says he is glad he only hurts on his right side. I was happy to see he was in a pretty good mood for all he has been through. He got out of bed and ate lunch in his chair. It really hurt him to move around. He said he was glad that all the pain was on the right side (referring to the first fall when he hurt his shoulder and the second fall that ended in a broken bone)

Here is one of the main reasons I hate the Kaiser system. The Kaiser system is compartmentalized. The doctors refer you back and forth and you never get a answer.

I did not feel like asking questions last night after being at the hospital for 12 hours. The surgeon called it a semi hip replacement and it was a "good" surgery.

Today I wanted to know what is a semi hip replacement. This afternoon I notice the "a" section doctor at the nurses station. I was polite at first. I said excuse me Doctor, do you have time to answer a question? Yes, she said. I said what part of my dad's hip did they replace? She said you will have to ask the surgeon. Ok I have to admit it, I lost it.

I said to the "a" section doctor knowing the answer,  what time do you expect him in. She said oh, well he could come in at anytime. So being the smart ass I am, I said so you expect me to wait here for hours and hours and he may not show up until the middle of the night? "A" doctor said your right they do work 24 hours" I said all I want is a simple answer. What part of the hip did they replace? "a" doctor - I don't know. Do you think you could look on that computer your sitting in front of and find the notes from the surgery? Reluctantly she agreed. She looked at the notes and looked at me and said you will have to ask the surgeon. I hit the top of the nurses station with my hand and said in a voice that made everyone turn and look - This is what I hate about this hospital, everything is so compartmentalized, all I want is a simple answer to a simple question. Nothing more! I stomped back into my dad's room.

The next thing I know, doctor "a" is in my dad's room with the phone. She had the surgeon on the phone.  I asked the surgeon what is a semi hip replacement? He said everything except the hip socket. He went on to tell me Dad has a brand new ball and metal bone. Great, that is all I wanted to know, thank you for your time I said to him. The surgeon went on to tell me about his plan of action. He was very nice. When I got off the phone I told "a" section doctor thank you for helping me find the answer.

Why do they make you go though all that crap?  I don't like loosing my temper. I am learning how to work the system. If you have a question beat up the nurses station desk and you will get your answer. 


Dad is in recovery. The doctor said the surgery was "good." The first thing dad said was "Did Rupert get kicked off Survivor?" LOL.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dad's Update at 8:26 PM

It is almost 8:30 pm and Dad still has not had surgery. They don't know when they are going to get him in. Dad is very weak and sleeping most of the day. He has had no pain killer but has not moved at all. I will update again when I know something.

Long History -What happend to Dad

Burt is my aunt's husband. Burt's family worked on construction with my grandmothers family building all of California's HWYs.  My 1 mother never liked Burt or his family calling them "white trash", my second mother called Burt an "arrogant a** h***. " I was to young to remember Burt and his family.

In the late 80's my mothers brother (my uncle) died. My aunt (the widow of my uncle) to the shock of everyone in the family married Burt.

These are examples of Burt's personality:

 If Burt wanted something at the dinner table, he points and grunts like a cave man. Use your words Burt, you are capable. No, my aunt coddled him and would jump up and get what ever he was point and grunting at.

When my 2 mom died, Burt sat in my dad's chair and would not get up. He turned the TV on full blast and would not let go of the remote control.  This went on for about 2 hours after my 2 mothers funeral.

What an inconsiderate jerk. My family was first of all in shock of my 2 mothers death, then they where in shock of how Burt was acting. I got sick of the family whispering about how Burt was acting. I was worried about my dad , in my grief I yelled at Burt and told him to get his FAT ASS out of my dad's chair and turn the stupid tv off.  He complied.

As he has aged he has been falling down alot. My hunch tells me 50 % of his falls are to get attention. Just because that is the kind of person he is.

After my dad's Whipple surgery my aunt called and I told her to pass on by, don't stop. Burt makes my dad very edgy. My dad did not need that after all he had just been through.

On Tuesday my aunt , cousin and Burt stopped by to see my dad. I took dinner over.

My aunt called me into the garage and told me that Burt has decided  not to use a restroom any more. He just lets it go where ever he is at. He refuses to wear depends. Then Burt expects her or my cousin to clean him up.  Earlier that day my aunt, cousin and Burt went to Walmart.  Burt had a bowel movement all down the aisle.  I won't get into the gory detail.

My aunt is so sweet, I don't know how she has put up with him all these years. I am glad my cousin is around to help her out.

Oh boy... So I started to put dinner in the oven when they decided to go to the Moose Club for Taco Tuesday. Ok I am going home.

A few hours later I get a phone call from my brother in law saying something bad had happened.  My brother in law and my cousin where trying to help Burt get in the car. He told them to back off. They backed off. Burt fell over backwards and knocked my dad over. Burt landed on my dad therefore, he did not get hurt. My dad took the full brunt of the hit to the ground. Burt was fine, my dad was not.

Today my dad is suppose to have a total hip replacement.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update Dad 5/5/10

 Dad is suppose to have a total hip replacement tomorrow afternoon. What a bummer. Maybe in the morning I will fill in the story about what happened.

Dad is in the ER

1:23 am,  my dad is in the ER. Please pray for him, he has a broken bone by his hip.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Today's Bike Ride

I went on a 10 mile bike ride today. It was a struggle. It was hot outside about 85.  I was tired from an emotional weekend and work. Sheryl and I also had a head wind pushing against us.

My bike ride was in Wisteria. I would live in Wisteria if I could.  It is so beautiful. As we rode past the multi million dollar houses.  I had to wonder how many of these house's are empty. Not empty of people or furniture, what I mean is empty of relationships- the husband and wife kind mostly.  I have been to big empty houses. It is almost as if they echo with loneliness.

Along the trail there was red wood trees shading us,  I love redwood trees. They just seem so majestic. We passed horse property, and swimming pools. We rode by the roses in full bloom, you could smell the jasmine.

People decorate their yards for the people on the trail. One had life size farm animals, another had black bears made out of wood. Sheryl says the people that own the fake farm animals move them around so you don't get board looking at them in the same position when you are on this part of the trail often. One of the black bears had a sign on it that said "hi, my name is Mandi what's yours?" I wonder if they change the sign?

This part of the trail is like the one in Brookside. Many people coming and going. Today there was a lady on a 3 wheeled bike.  It looked kind of rickety as if she put it together herself.

It is always fun to hang around Sheryl. She has the power to make cars stop when we are near a crosswalk. She holds out her hand in the stop position. The drivers stop.

Some how we ended up at the quilt store. Sheryl had to go in to get something. I was exhausted. I plopped down outside in a iron chair in the shade, took my helmet off and caught my breath.  I had no desire to go into the quilt store. That should tell you how tired I was.

We rode back among the redwood trees, horses and fake farm animals.  I am glad I made myself go today. It was worth it.

Now it is time for some pomegranate bliss ice cream .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I prayed

I am still graving over Ashley (our cat.) I have a head ache and I am very grumpy. I have cried on and off today. I am really not in a big hurry to get a new cat. I am not sure how the doggies would take having a baby around.

Last night my gig a low started talking about me finding a new kitty.  He talked about adopting one from a no kill shelter.  I was thinking to myself, I am not ready for a new cat.

Ashley loved my gig a low more them me. She was really his cat. OK I said. So last night I prayed, Lord if you really want us to have a new kitty, pave the path, cause I am not going to look for one.

Today I went over to my dad's to help him with a few things. When I got home my gig a lows friend had called to say his friends cat just had kittens. My gig a low said we have first pick. I looked up in the sky and said man, that was fast.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Miss Ashley

 I had to say a sad goodbye to my kitty yesterday. Her name was Ashley. It was SO hard. She was 14 years old. She was a very sweet kitty

Ashley came into our lives by set of event. On the day we moved into this house, someone dumped Ashly into my sister in laws yard. She was about to give birth. My sister in law being the cat person she is took Ashley in and cared for her until the kittens were born. Miss Ashley was a very good mama to her kittens. My sister in law found good homes for the kittens and asked us if we wanted the mama.

Of course we do, we had a new house, 3 kids, a dog the only thing that was missing was a cat. It was a family vote for her name. Ashley. Ashley was all black and was tiny for a cat but her might was large.  I tried very hard to make Ashley an inside cat. She wanted no part of it. Ashley ruled the roost inside and out. If another cat came into our yard she would puff up her tail and chase them off.

Ashley loved to torment the dogs. She would hide on one of the stairs so when the dogs would try to go down she would reach up, just like you see on the cartoon, each claw would pop out and she would get the dog. I could almost hear her laughing. Another way she would torment the dogs she would sit in front of their favorite toy or their food bowl. If they dared to come to close POW POW POW she would get them with a right, left, right before they knew what was hitting them.

When we would take the dogs for a walk, she would follow along behind, hiding under parked cars, and slinking around houses.  She really was a family kitty. If the dogs ate table scraps she wanted table scraps, if the dogs got a treat, she wanted a treat. When the dogs would go out, she followed behind. Most of the time she stayed out longer.

I only have 2 bad memories of Ashley.  One Easter morning,  Ashley cought a humming bird, I looked outside and she was playing with something in the grass. I thought she had got a mouse as she was quite a good hunter. When I got close enough I could see it was a humming bird. I was devastated. I tried again to make her an inside cat. Ashley said it will be a cold day in *** before I will stay in the house. The second thing that happed was I put bio spot flea medication on her. She went into seizures. We almost lost her. That was at least 5 years ago. She was never the same after that. The Vet said that I would be shocked at how many animals have horrid reaction to Bio Spot. Believe me we never used it again.

As she aged her whiskers turned pure white. She didn't care about other cats in the yard anymore, Ashly would let the dogs take of them.  She and the dogs like to sunbath in our little court yard. She loved attention and wanted you to pet her all day long. At night when my gig a low and I would watch TV, my gig a low would put a pillow on his lap, she would curl up on it, because she was happy being with us.

 I am really missing her.