Monday, November 29, 2010

Go Ask Alice

I love Alice in Wonderland. and I have to wonder why others FREAK OUT when you say Christian and Alice in Wonderland in the same breath. I have to question those people and say, do you know Alice in Wonderland was written in the 1800's, not 1969.

I also want to say do you know what the culture was like in the mid 1800's? They did not have TV, Wii, Xbox, dvd or movies. Back in those days people had to use their imagination to have fun.

For entertainment people would tell stories or riddles. They would play simple games like how many words can you think of that start with the letter M. Telling stories and riddles has become a lost art. I feel sorry for all you adults who have to be so in control of every little thing in your life. You can't have fun watching or hearing the story of Alice in Wonderland.  Having an imagination must be scary for you. Jerry Seinfeld used to say his tv series was "about nothing." The story of Alice in Wonderland was about nothing. It was JUST A STORY.

Maybe people get upset because the caterpillar is smoking a hookah. So what. It the old days in the middle east people used the hookah to smoke a sweet tobacco. Even here in America at one time smoking a pipe was social acceptable. There is also talk of Alice eating mushrooms. I eat mushrooms, do you? Does every mushroom have to be of the psychedelic kind?

Another problem is Alice in Wonderland is, NOT "traditional"according to some Christians. I am glad I am not stuck, never changing because of tradition. It used to be traditional to beat you kids for any minor offense.  Just because something is traditional does not ALWAYS mean right or good.  I am tired of traditionalist telling me I am the wrong kind of Christan because I don't do this or that.
I can see how some people would believe that tradition is comfortable. The unknown is very, very, frightening indeed. 

In a way before I became a Christian I was like Alice, wondering around, nothing made sense. I did not understand what was going on around me.  I kept trying to get "home", but I was lost in an underground world. I felt alone. Christ changed that for me.

By the way I LOVE the song White Rabbit by Jefferson airplane. If you go chasing rabbits!

Get over yourselves you Alice haters. I will go and have fun. You can stay in your boring lackluster world.


KARNA said...

it's the legalism of our day the 70s and 80s it was the papa smurf who was bad and then Barney because he had 'powers' then Jerry Falwell decided some color coded childrens show (can't rememberhtename,but cute little yellow,red, purple guys....) he declared it was a bad s how because purple was the color of gays or something. I was so excited when Alice in Wonderland came out again and in 3D!!! Loved Johnny Depp and was enthralled throughout the movie! Lewis Carroll was friends with George McDonald (christian) and carroll's father was a minister.Caroll did have some pecularities including photographing young girls naked with the permission of their parents...but never showed the photos to anyone...He propopsed marriage to an 11 year old friend of the family and the age to marry then was 12 so i guess he was going to wait, but the families had an argument and it was not to be...Interesting background eh? Yet we can love alice in wonderland anyway me thinks!!! love you

R. Quilter said...

Nude child photography was common in the Victorian period. Check out this web site They say that the proposal was not true. I guess there is 2 sides to every story. Thanks for your comment! Love ya Sister!

Mountain Momma said...

A "good" Christian wouldn't tell you that you are the "wrong kind of Christian". Just sayin'. You know, judgement and all.
I strongly believe there are special seats in hell for certain "Christians" there are for extremists in all other religions.

Mountain Momma said...

Did you see the pictures of Sister's Halloween costume? Yes, she was the Queen of Hearts. We too have always loved Alice in Wonderland! And my baby girl is a fantastic Christian!