Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yesterday Was Fun!!

My day really did not get started until around 11:30 AM when we went over to my sisters house. It was fun because The Mt. Family was there, The Raider Family was there, and the old standbys. Anyways Mt. Son brought his girlfriend. They were homecoming King and Queen at their school this year. Young love is so sweet. Raider baby was the sunshine in the room, with her cute toddler ways. Raider brother is in the "oven" jumping around like crazy. He is still baking.  No way I was going to put my hand on Raider Mom's belly. It is kind of nauseating just watching Raider Mom's belly moving around "by its self." 

For lunch we had Carnitas. It has been a tradition to have Mexican food for Christmas lunch since my 2 mom died.  A good time was had by all. 

I got an email from Miss Sunshine that her FiancĂ©e was going to be playing at this little whole in the wall grunge bar in Starboard. Later I found out that it was "Jam" night and GG-GP and his band would be playing there too. So at the very last moment me and my gig a low decided to go to Starboard. 

The Grunge Bar was packed full of men in flannel shirts and casually dressed women. I wore white tube socks with my clogs and jeans. Yes, I am saying neon white. I just don't care.  I like flannel shirts, seems like my kind of bar. 

It was Blues night. The house band started playing. Oh did I want a beer. It just seemed like a really good place to drink. When the band would change, people would fight their way to the bar. It was a do it yourself bar. YOU go to the counter and order a drink, they do not come to you.  I resisted extreme temptation. YEY. GG-GP's band went on, everyone jumped to their feet. GG-GP's band took authority over the stage, and they pumped out the jams. They slaughter all the other bands musically and vocally. They were great. I am not just saying that because my brother in law is in the band. Next Miss Sunshine's fiancee went on. He plays saxophone. He had a cool swagger going on as he was playing. He was awesome. It was fun seeing Miss Sunshine so happy. She really is Miss Sunshine now.  I really had a terrific time at the grunge bar, even without the alcohol.

Here is the funny part. We were home by 10:00 pm. Do you remember when 10:00 pm was the time you go out, not come home? :)

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kayakerswife said...

Next time call me. I feel left out.