Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shorty's House

The other day me and my sweet friend were driving around looking for "holiday boutiques." One lead us right into the street where Shorty lived. Of course I had to show my sweet friend where Shorty grew up.

As we drove down the street all the awful memories started pouring back. It was as if we were approaching a hunted house at the end of the street.

Me and Shorty's mom did not get along. She thought I was a bad influence (who me?)  I was about 13 years old at the time. I decided to get revenge. I went in to Shorty's mom's bathroom medicine cabinet and flushed half her birth control pills down the toilet. Poor Shorty got her ass whooped for that one. I told Shorty's Mom I did it. Didn't matter, Shorty still got a beating.

Dear Shorty,

I still feel very bad about that one. I want to cry even now. Not that I messed up your mom's menstrual cycle, (or sex life) I feel bad that you were punished so severely. I am so sorry Shorty.

Your life long friend

Ps Remember you promised to come back to California in June.

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