Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Day Of My Vacation

The first thing I did on the 5th Day Of My Vacation is I woke up. I got a cup of coffee and went to my computer to see what was going on in the world. Most talk was about Dancing with the Stars. I have never watched it.

My sweet friend and I went to see the movie "Burlesque". THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN MOVIE! I know you are surprised. The plot was your typical Boy meets girl, very predictable, stupid in fact. The singing and the dancing was fantastic! Cher's song was a show stopper. She is incredible after all these years! Christina Aguilera can really belt out a song! The movie had 4 G D words I don't like that. One f word.  Usually I will walk out after 3. The movie showed a Nakie (naked) man bun. I haven't seen a cute little buffed butt like that in years!!!heheh. I like the gay lead. I forget his name. He seems really comfortable in his gayness. He must be a real one. Overall me and my sweet friend like the movie because of the singing. My sweet friend was making me laugh when she talked about these young girls and their hard bodies. This one dance in the movie the burlesque dancers had on these ittie bitty skirts make out of piano key fabric. My sweet friend said "it would take the whole piano to cover our butts." I laughed so hard. I told my sweet friend to speak for herself! We had a great time .

Than we decide to go to Whole foods to pick up a few things. It was as if Moses had parted the red sea. Drove right up, got a place to park, got what we needed and got out. There had to of been 10 million people shopping. We were very lucky.

I came home, and started to cook dinner when I noticed that the little adapter thingie (that hold the blade) was missing from my food processor. I looked high and low. No where to be found. GG-GP had done the dishes and he said he did not remember seeing it. My worst nightmare.

I had to go dig in the big garbage "toter." I pulled the toter to my yard and dumped it over. Piece by piece I sorted through the garbage. I will spare you the gory details. Nothing.  I looked in the recycle toter and someone (not mentioning any names) put a full bag of garbage in the recycle toter. I pulled the recycle toter on the lawn and dumped it out. I looked back in the toter to see if I had got everything out. There at the very bottom of the recycle toter was my food processor adapter. Praise God! Now it was 5 pm. I had to change my clothes and take a shower after digging in the garbage cans.  To late for Lasagna. Side note to Lila, I switched and had Mexi-Cali tonight, we will have lasagna on Saturday.
Dad came over for dinner and we watched Survivor. It was just a recap. Bummer.
I had a good day!

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Lila said...

Reckless, this is an hilarious post! Since I've been reading your blog, during the middle of the day I say to myself, If I had a blog, what would I write about today? My blog would be really silly. Like today, my hairdresser and i compared how long the hair on our legs were. I think she beat me.

Maybe I'll start writing a blog....I can think of some fun and interesting stuff that has happened that maybe other friends would like to read about. I would be like you, Reckless, and just let my friends that I know and love read it, for fear of critisism and rejection from others. Ugh, now I'm getting a cramp in my stomach because I'm thinking about how certain friends WOULD criticise (spelling?) me.

Any how, I love how you dumped both the garbage and the recycling tote and found it at the very bottom. :)

Now it's off to read my catch-up month-of-the-day of the reckless quilter blog. What is that, you say? Well, to catch up on your blog, I've been reading one month per day starting at the very beginning - february 2009. I'm at September 2009 tonight. I don't know what i will do when I totally catch up. That will be a very sad day for me.