Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mommy Mini Van

This is what happened today. I was driving along, minding my own business. As I was approaching a stop light, I noticed not 1 but 2 big street signs that said no right turn on red. Ok, I guess I will follow the rules since the City took all the time to put 2 signs up. So I stop. I have my right hand signal on, but I wait because the signs told me to. The lady in the mini-van behind me starts having a cow. She lays on her horn. I sit there, the light is taking forever to change. The lady behind me starts blaring her horn again. I tell myself remain calm, but I can feel my blood pressure rising. Finally the light turns green and I turn right.

I slow down so mini van lady could catch up with me. She lags behind. The slower she drives, the slower I drive. She gets in the left hand turn lane. So I get in the left hand turn lane and pull up behind her, but not to close. On the back of her mini van she has all these stickers "I am proud to have a daughter honor roll student" "My son is on the honor roll." So I started to think, well maybe her kids are on the honor roll, but mommy mini van does not know how to read street signs.

Mommy mini van turns into a gas station, I follow at a non- threatening length. I park and go over to her mini van. She does not get out. I knock on the window, she rolls down the window. I said in a calm collected manor, there were 2 big street signs that said no right turn on red did you miss them?

Mommy Mini van says" oh I don't know what happened, I was day dreaming and my hands just kinda slipped over the horn by accident." I said twice? Mommy Mini van said oh my horn is very sensitive." Ok I said, have a good day. I walked away. I am tired of rude people. Or maybe I am just tired.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Artisan Quilt "Fall In Montana"

Here is my latest quilt. It is an art quilt. It has a surprise flannel back. I named it  Fall in Montana. I am giving it to "A1" tomorrow. I think he will be happy with it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I just got off the phone with Orchid. We were making plans for this coming weekend, and she says you will have to excuse me but I am eating this really delicious dinner. Oh I said I am so sorry, so of coarse I have to know what she is eating.

Orchid says I am having wild boar and SHARK FIN...that was all I heard... WHAT, your eating SHARK FIN??? I told Orchid she was un-invited to my house. There are billions of wild boars, but the shark population is dwindling. Sharks are not food, their our friends! WHAT she said. I told Orchid- you don't know this but I have a special place in my heart for sharks. Orchid said, oh I was not really eating shark fin.... OH YES YOU WERE I said. Long pause. SO I told Orchid because we have been friends since we where 14 years old I will over look this indiscretion. ;)

Two things I have never ate, this is were I draw the line:
1. Shark
2. Veal
I have ate but will never eat again
Green Beans

Yes I eat cows and pigs, chickens, and some fish.. I have seen the horrors of big corporate run killing factories. It breaks my heart.  I prefer to buy the meat that is killed in the fastest most humane way, when I can afford it.  I am thankful that these animals gave there life to make me full. Right now I have farm fresh eggs from my big brother's house, they are yummy!

I will not be serving shark fin soup on Saturday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am so excited. My old friend Orchid just called! She is coming to visit next weekend!
I met Orchid my first year of high school. We have been friends all these years.

Orchid's life has been one big adventure. Some of it good, some of it not so good. When we were young  she landed a job with Bill Graham, the greatest rock and roll production team of all time. She got a job in catering!

Orchid used to be on the catering team for the Grateful Dead, Talking Heads (who ever was coming to town.) Every New Years eve she would call and ask if I wanted to go back stage with the Grateful Dead. No thanks. Why oh WHY didn't I ever take her up on that!!!!

Orchid is really the one that got me interested in fine food. One day I went over to her house. She said there was quiche in the oven, help yourself.(Knowing our lifestyle at that time) I was perplexed because the only drug I knew that you put in the oven was pot to dry it out. I said no thanks. Orchid said have you ever had quiche? Ummmmm no. Orchid insisted I try it. I told her I did not want to get high that day. Orchid looked as baffled as I was. What are you talking about? she said. The quiche I said. Orchid doubled over laughing. It is not a drug, it is an egg pie she said.

Quiche and I have had a wonderful relationship from that day forward. Orchid was also making and eating sushi way before most Americans had ever heard of it.

When we grew up she got married and moved up north on the coast. She built a successful catering business and cooking school for herself.

Last night she called to say she had been down in LA. She had been on the catering team for the Hollywood big shots. Orchid just got done with the Oscars and Project Runway. She had one more job to do in Beverly Hills, then she is headed home. She is going to stop by here for a few days. YEPPY.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mr. Harie

Recently Mr. & Mrs. Harie got a new neighbor. She is an interior designer. She has a nasty little tea cup white poodle, who hides and growls and shows its teeth when ever it sees you. The interior designer seems very snobby. As I mentioned before Mr. Harie does not like "stuffed shirts." It appears she is a stuffed shirt. The Harie's and the interior designer (Ms. ID) share a common hallway.

When I arrived at the Harie's I noticed a new marble bench in the common hallway. I did not really think anything of it. Mr. Harie was busy shuffling things around from here to there, Mrs. Harie was "flopping"on the bed. I wanted to know what Mr. Harie was busy doing. I noticed on the outside patio Mr. Harie had somehow broken apart a bamboo clothes hamper.  Despite his severe condition he still moves pretty fast. I heard him in the hallway.

I went outside to see what he was doing. Mr. Harie was trying to hang the large rectangle chunk of bamboo hamper on the wall. I noticed he also had a canvass "painting" with a $1.00 store black frame. I said, what are you doing? I am hanging my new painting, what do you think of it he said? (the plan was to hang the 'painting' on top of the bamboo hamper rectangle.) I looked at the front and back of the canvass trying to discern where the "painting" was. I noticed on one side of the white canvas, was a few splotches of tan paint. In the center of the "painting" there was a RED fuzzy Velcro circle that had been glued on. Mr. Harie says to me, What do you think of the painting? I said well lets see, it is very unique. He said Mrs. Harie loves it. I made no comment. Then it hit me. Mr. Harie was hanging the painting to irritate his new neighbor Ms. ID. The painting was strategically place right across from the marble bench.

 Mr. Harie was determined to hang the painting. He was using a cut wire a coat hanger to poke holes in the hallway wall. He modified the coat hanger to become a picture hanger after he got it into the wall. Do you know how hard it is to poke a wire coat hanger through a wall? So I helped him poke holes in the hallway wall. After what seemed like an eternity we managed to get Mr. Harie's work of "art" in place. There it was in all it's glory, the painting with the red Velcro circle in the middle, on top of the bamboo hamper rectangle.

I thought Mr. Harie was finished when he told me we were going to move the marble bench a 8 feet to the left, so it would be between The Harie's door and the ID's door. Ok.... Mr. Harie tries to pick up the marble bench seat. I told him to stop I would do it. The marble bench seat must of weighed 5 tons. I picked up one side and put it on the hall way floor. I tried to pick up the other side but it was to heavy and I dropped it. It hit with a loud thud. I missed Mr. Harie's foot by 1/2 inch. Mr. Harie bent over and was trying to drag it. I told him to stop. I moved both bench legs that weight 1 ton each to the place Mr. Harie had set. I had had enough. There was no way I could drag that bench top 8 feet. I opened the door and called for Mrs. Harie to come outside.

When she came to the door this is what she said "oh my gosh, oh my gosh what am I going to do" she started frantically pacing.  As it turns out the marble bench is Ms. ID's. Mrs. Harie yelled at Mr. Harie and told him to get in the house. Mrs. Harie called Ms. ID on the phone. I could hear Ms. ID yelling at Mrs. Harie "TELL YOUR HUSBAND NOT TO TOUCH MY STUFF." Ms. ID says "You had better not hurt my bench". How can you hurt a 5 ton marble bench? Oh no, I am going to have to move the marble bench legs back and put the bench back together. I picked up the marble bench legs and put them back. Some how I managed to get the bench top back on the bench. Thank GOD!

The next day I felt like I had been run over by a mac truck!  I have to say I love working for the Haries!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is still very heavy for the people of Japan. They are getting kicked when they have been  beaten to a pulp.

1. Earthquake
2. Tsunami
3. Nuclear melt down (I am not really sure yet how bad it is yet, large amounts of radiaton released into the atmosphere, ocean or earth can't be good)
4. The Japanese Stock market ( Nikkei is that how you spell it?) has fallen.
5. All the consequences of the things I mentioned above.

To my Japanese readers,  I am praying for you. I wish I could do something to help you. I wish the suffering would stop. I am very impressed that your people wait in line at the grocery store or gas station without screaming, honking or going crazy. It seems amazing to me that you have no looting. I pray that every tear that you cry now will someday turn to joy. I am sorry this is happening to you.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mrs. Harie

A few days before I was suppose to show up at the Harie's house, Mrs. Harie called. She wanted to know if I could come a little early. This is very unusual because The Haries don't do mornings. Mrs. Harie wanted me to get Mr. Harie ready. A life time friend was coming to town to have breakfast with them. Sure no problem.

When I arrived at 9:00 AM,  Mr. Harie was in his Pajamas. He was busy shuffling things from here to there. He was mumbling about "stuffed shirts." I had no idea what he is talking about. Mrs. Harie was sitting at the kitchen dinette, drinking coffee and reading the paper. I ask what time is your meet up?

Mrs. Harie explained - well, you see our long time friend called the other day and suggested we meet at the up scale hotel in downtown Brookside.

I said what time do you need to be there? Mrs. Harie looked over her glasses at me and said her friends suggested 10:00 am, Mrs. Harie told them 10:30," The Harie's friend said "10:00" again. Mrs. Harie said 10:30 once again. Mrs. Harie told me that their "friends" are very wealthy and they expect people to say how high, when they say jump. Mrs. Harie tells me we will arrive at the hotel at 10:30.( hehehe she is a little devilish)

When I started to help Mr. Harie get ready he explained that his life long friend is worth about $4 million. It seems Mr. Harie's friend has a I am better, richer then you attitude. That is why he calls him a "stuffed shirt." It takes a long time to get Mr. Harie ready. He dressed in docker pants and shoes, a collared shirt and a nice pull over sweater. Mrs. Harie puts on jeans and a tee shirt.

We get in the car around 10:20. Mrs. Harie's phones rings. It is Mrs. Stuffed Shirt wondering if they were coming. Oh yes, she said we will be there at 10:30 and hung up her cell phone. (hehe) Mrs. Harie invited me to come and have breakfast with them. No thank you, I replied. I have errands to run while you two are eating breakfast.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Harie

Did I tell you I have a new 2ed job? I am working for an elderly couple that reside in an exclusive gated senior community in Brookside called Evermore. Their name is Mr. & Mrs. Harie.

Evermore has detached houses, condos, apartments and assisted living homes. Mr. & Mrs. Harie live in a condo that is on the second floor. Each "unit" has two downstairs condos and two upstairs condos. Each unit is connect to another. There are 10 units in a roll. Mr. & Mrs. Harie live on Easy Street.

 Mr. & Mrs. Harie are very sweet. Mrs. Harie has had cancer and suffers with Fibromyalgia. Mrs. Harie "flops" on the bed to read or rest. She makes lists and puts them in a pile of papers. She does "what she wants to, not what she has to." Mrs. Harie says you have to vacuum each spot 3 times, because it makes the carpet look better. She is paying me, so I vacuum each spot 3 times. It takes me a good 45 minutes to vacuum their condo.

Mr. Harie has Rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson disease. Mr. Harie's hands and feet are severely crippled. He has an implant to help in his brain to help him talk. The implant has a remote with A, B or C switch to help with his speech. Most of the time he is on "B." He is hard to understand and I have to keep saying what, huh, pardon, can you say that again please, I did not get that. Mr. Harie falls down all the time and is very unsafe. He works non- stop, shuffling things from here to there.

I am finding out they are very mischievous. To be continued ......

Tsunami / Earthquake

 I think we can all agree that our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan.

The first tsunami I can remember was 5 years ago, just a few days after my 2 mother died. I was in shock because of her sudden departure. Every time I would turn on the tv, there was more death and destruction. It was overwhelming to watch people getting swept out to sea. My heart broke last time and it is again. This time I watched earthquake and tsunami in Japan with horror because it seemed to be more "real." I am not numb for an unexpected death.

We woke up to hear WE were having tsunami warnings. I was thinking there is NO WAY I would get on the BART train. The tsunami hit Santa Cruz the hardest around here. It caused $17 million in damages.Dumbass surfers who think they are experienced Mavericks decide to catch the wave.

So I hear 3 people died on the califorina coast. One was a 25 year old taking photos of the ocean. I know we have to think of the young age and the poor family of this person, but why don't people get it. If you hear a tsunami is coming RUN for higher ground.

Today I was at my favorite Gunpoint dive restaurant Papa's. The fisher men and boat owners were talking about how the tsunami came down the river. One guy said his friends 30 foot boat capsized. I bet you didn't hear that on the news.

I keep praying that the Nuclear power plant in Japan does not go into a total melt down. Maybe it has already I am not sure. Do you remember the first nuclear cloud that floated over California? I don't remember if it was from 3 mile island or Chernobyl. It rained that day. I will never forget it. Do I think nuclear power is worth all the death and suffering, no.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grace & Glory

Chapter 4 of Radical by David Pratt.

I would title this chapter Grace and Glory. I like the names grace and glory. I think I should get a grace and glory tattoo. Or maybe I should get two more dogs and name them grace and glory. I have to say it was not my favorite chapter.

Pratt made some good points. Like in America when you ask what does it mean to be a Christian you say Jesus died for MY sins. (Grace.)  Pratt says that we have lost the Glory in the Me Society we live in. Everything is to Glorify God, not me. Fuchsia my Sweet Friend and I were talking about that this weekend. It seems many church's have become the church of me. Pratt confirmed our feelings. Of coarse not the churches we attend.

Summery of the chapter
  • Being a Christian is not about me, it is how we can glorify God.
  • We need to be missionaries.

Pratt talks about a pastor who told Pratt: he wished a certain group people over seas would die and go to hell. Most people in my bible study seemed to be shocked that a pastor would say this. I said I was not shocked. So I opened my bible and read from the old testament when David says he wishes his enemy would die and go the grave. Nothing new under the sun.  My gig a low giggled. He told me I was being very naughty.

It seems to me over and over in the book Pratt is saying we are spoiled rotten American Christians, and we only want to hear the- its all about  me , soft side of the story. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Birthday Fun

Last week I went out to Birthday dinner with the RCDC (Rebellious Christian Dinner Club.) Maybe I should change my blog's name to The Reckless Diner??? It was Karna's and Dixie's Birthday. Paige was there too.  I love getting together with RCDC! Birthday Girls picked Shaadzee Bakery.
This is the pastry counter.

I order the lamb shank. "braised lame shank with brismati rice" The lamb shank was tender.  The rice had no sensations at all and kind of chewy. It must of been old.  The sauce was red water with some melted fat in it. The sauce had no flavor. The coffee was old and I sent it back. I asked for a pomegranate ice tea. I paid $4.50 for red colored nothing. I should of kept the coffee, at least the coffee had that old and bitter after taste. (Being very generous) On a scale of 1-10 I give my dinner a 5.  
We liked our waiter. He was the best part of the dinner.  Karna also had the lamb shank. She liked it.


Dixie had the french dip. She said it was really good.
Paige had the Cornish game hen. It had my same sauce with a little corn starch in it. She said it was ok. Paige had a pomegranate ice tea. She agreed with me I should of kept the coffee.

Paige and I shared a apple and raisin tart. Dixie and Karna shared a dessert too. I don't remember what they had. (See the place is forgettable). The waiter brought page and my tart with a birthday candle in it. We protested and said that is not what the Birthday Girls ordered. Oh well. He sang happy birthday to them. They blew out the candle. Me and Paige ate "our birthday" dessert. It was ok.

I had fun with the RCDC! They make me laugh and cry! They help keep me on track. 

To Karna and Dixie,
I thank God the he brought you into my life. You both have encouraged me in my walk with God. You both are the funniest people I know. It was once said that "friendship doubles joy, and cuts grief in half." That is how about feel about the two of you Karna and Dixie. I hope you had a great birthday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Foodie Fun In Berkeley with Beautiful People

 The other day I went on a foodie adventure in Berkeley with My Sweet Friend and Fuchsia. I love Berkeley! The sun was shining in Berkeley and especially on us. I would like to welcome guest blogger's Fuchsia. Fuchsia: "Some wonderful women even said, 'Beautiful people are out in Berkeley today' as we passed each other on the street!”

Our first stop was at the Cheese Board. .They had legions of cheeses and people at this shop. Here is a photo of the cheese menu.

Because there was so many people packed into this store we decided to go get lunch and come back. They sold pizza but the line was about 50 people long. People were eating their pizza in the median. Apparently, it is the cool place to hang out and eat pizza with your friends. Fuchsia: "We thought it was cool seeing lots of young people eating pizza from the Cheeseboard Collective out in the grassy median  I said it had to be a college tradition." I saw older people eating there as well.  My Sweet Friend and I did not want to eat and inhale car exhaust so we walked down the street.

We found this place called the Crapevine. . I wanted to have a "light" lunch. So I ordered the vegetarian sandwich in honor of many Berkeleyites. It was called the "
"Mediterranean" it had grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, tomatoes,pesto and provolone on sour dough bread. I am not much of a fry person, but these tasted pretty good. Nothing was overly salted! The salad has a sweet vinaigrette on it.  It was good. It tasted even better when I put a dash or two of balsamic vinegar on the sandwich. Just for fun I ordered a pomegranate Italian soda. 

My sweet friend had the " CA Bear" Sandwich. It was a chicken sandwich it came with fries and a salad. The sandwich was grilled chicken, Brie cheese, tomato, lettuce and garlic aioli.

Fuchsia about her lunch: " It was called the Milano.  Ingredients were grilled eggplant, mushrooms, roasted garlic, spinach and tomatoes with cheddar, mozzarella, cottage cheese, and marinara.  Came with a side of perfectly prepared rosemary potatoes, just right fresh salad with just the right amount of light and refreshing dressing."

Here is a section of the menu from the Crepvine

After lunch we headed back to the Cheese Board Collaborative to try some cheese and fresh baked bread.

Fuchsia and my sweet friend bought Moon Light Gouda from Cypress Hill, I got some goat cheese with apricot on the top. The staff said don't worry about refrigerating your cheese "the french never do."  Fuchsia: "I bought a fresh and warm baguette, blueberry/crystal sugared scone, ginger cookie, decadent chocolate cookie, and loaf of bread pudding.  Love my sugar!

It is really hard to drive and park in Berkeley because there are so many people coming from every direction. People on foot, bicycles and cars. Fuchsia and My sweet Friend kept saying "WATCH OUT" They made me a nervous wreck. . Fuchsia talking about me. "Though stressed you navigated your way through the streets of Berkeley well, and we got there and home safely." People were nuttyer then usual in Buzzrerkley that day. At least the ones that were driving.

Next stop was TEANCE "Artisans Tea's" It was a great place to calm down. and relax.
Darius is the Tea Master. It was an intriguing experience watching him make art out of seeping and serving tea. He educated us about teas, and gave us suggestions on different teas to try.
This is Megan apprentice to the Tea Master.

We each took a "flight" of tea. You get to pick 3 small pots of tea from a large menu. Fuchsia, My sweet friend and I each tried 3 different teas. We shared and compared. We each like very different tasting teas. 

I had Lu Shan Clouds and Mist (Yun Wu) It had a rich mossy taste. Next I had Lichee Red Premium. It was sweeten naturally with Lichee flowers. I was pleasantly surprised how sweet it was. It tasted like dessert. If you like sweet tea this is the one for you. Last I had was Mt. Olympus Tea from Greece. It was spicy/sage tasting. I liked it! Fuchsia and My Sweet friend did not!

Fuchsia : I sampled primarily from the herbal/floral menu for the medicinal and no caffeine qualities. They thought they were out of Chrysanthemum Flower tea, but they found it! It tasted good.  I also tasted Eight Treasures herbal infused tea, my favorite, and what I bought, along with the tea pot which I had to have because it was so sweet looking, especially because of the scalloped edge around the lid.  I also tasted Jasmine Silver Needle, from the white tea menu, it smelled like Hawaii to me. (I was shocked at the strong Jasmin fragrance of her tea.)  My other favorite was the highly caffeinated  the Red Premium (mmm.)

My sweet friend had White Peony, one black tea and one tea that tasted like grass (after all we were in Berkeley!)

I think we would all agree it was a delightful day!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen Style Food Review Update 3/5

It was Dahlia's  Birthday, that was a good cause to go out and celebrate. We had Linner (lunch and dinner.) It was so good to see Dahlia! I am so lucky to have her in my life!

This is a restaurant review that is a little different then my normal Iron Chef style review. This is going to be a Charlie Sheen style restaurant review. I will use Charlie Sheen quotes, ideas and periphrases to describe the food and dining experience I had with Dahlia for her birthday. It was nice dining with Dahlia, she looked like a "Goddess."

We went to a place called ESIN

First Coarse - The Cheese

Yellow Buck Camembert- it was soft, creamy and salty. "I am the only one who could survive that much crack." (the cheese would be the crack, I would be the survivor)

Point ray Blue Cheese- if the cheese could talk it would say "I have tiger blood!. I am a rock star."

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon Goat cheese --"It's perfect. It's awesome. Every day is just filled with just wins."

Dahlia had the Roasted Organic Beet Salad- with mache, funnel, toasted almonds, goat cheese, beets; Sherry orange vinaigrette.

Main Coarse- Stuffed oysters with apple wood smoked bacon, spinach and Gruyere cheese. Dahlia's dinner would say "I expose people to magic"

I had the Grilled Steak Sandwich glazed with balsamic vinegar, glazed onions Swiss cheese, mache on sour dough. French fries. This is how I feel about my linner at ESIN “I got magic and I got poetry at my fingertips.”

For dessert we had the carrot cake!  "epic."

Our linner was a WINNER!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rock Star

Have you been watching the Charlie Sheen interviews? The very first thing I would do is call child protective services. Could you imagine what is was like for the mother of those twins to hear Charlie Sheen's 2 young blond "goddesses" say they love the kids! Holding them and kissing them and acting as if the twins were theirs. It made me want to puke.

I guess Charlie Sheen wants to be like Hugh Hefner and have a stable full of young beautiful women. The truth is the women want the money the men want the sex. Fine. But leave the kids out of the situation. I heard Charlie Sheen say last night his child support payments are $110,000 a month.

Charlie Sheen calls himself a rock star because he survived the latest bender. Well, I have news for you Charlie, if it wasn't for the cops, the medical staff and the "treatment center" you would be dead. Why are you taking all the credit for yourself. I can think of many  rock stars that have OD and die in my life time.

Some people are entertained watching Charlie Sheen kill himself, they admit it. Maybe Charlie Sheen and Whitney Houston should get together. Now that would be entertaining. One interviewer asked him about Michael Jackson. Charlie Sheen said Michael Jackson was stupid because he was using "hospital drugs." Therefore, he cannot be compared to Michael Jackson.

I have never watched 2 1/2 men or what ever that show is that he is on. I think they did the right thing in firing Charlie Sheen. If I was on a bender and didn't show up to work I would get fired. Addicts ALWAYS blame everyone else for what ever goes wrong. Because of Charlie Sheen's actions everyone he is surround by is paying the consequences. Addicts don't see that. They only think of themselves.