Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marimoto - Napa Part 2 the Food (Update)

Karna and I went to "Marimoto - Napa." The world renowned Iron chef who became popular after the show Iron Chef on the food netword.

This food review will be as if we were judges on the original Iron Chef show.

Chairmen- our first judge is Karna. Karna is a famous crafter and socialite. (applause)
Our next judge is RQ.  RQ is a writer of a blog that is read from people around the world and she is also a socialite. (applause)

Now that the formal introductions are out of the way we can get down to business.

Amber our server brings us our first delight. A non alcoholic - Pomegranate spritzer!

Karna- It is refreshing. I would like to get this recipe.

RQ -The soft pinkish color draws you to the drink. The liquid seems comfortable in the glass. The drink has a slight amount of foam that makes it enticing. On top of the foam there is a mint leaf and pomegranate seeds that resembles the head of a dragon. I have to agree with Karna, the drink is refreshing. Like ying and yang. Not to sweet not to sour.

Next Amber brings us our appetizers:

Karna gets the Soft shell crab roll - deep fried soft shell crab, asparagus, tobiko, avocado, scallion, spicy sauce.

Karna- this is fabulous.

RQ gets the Rock shrimp tempura – spicy kochujan sauce, wasabi aïoli.

RQ- this dish was worth driving to Napa for.  It had a perfect balance. Fire and ice. The wasabi aïoli flavor was very soft,  sweet and beautiful like the dance of the snowflakes in the Nutcracker ballet. The flavor of the spicy kochujan sauce was like a sexy flamenco dancer, alluring and captivating. The flavors danced all over my pallet. The shrimp was breaded, light and fluffy like a cloud,  that had a hint of sweetness. This dish came with a dill sauce that was very good. This appetizer was revolutionary.

Amber brings us our main course the chefs lunch.

Karna had -Angry chicken lunch – grilled chicken thigh, shishito pepper. Vegetable tempura and bleu cheese sauce, sushi and salad.

Karna- This is chicken with attitude. Not to spicy. The rice seems to absorb the flavors of the chicken. Vegetable tempura is very good. The salad was very good. The sushi was the best she had ever had. Karna has had sushi from all around the country and from fine restaurants in San Francisco. Karna says the other sushi she had could not compare to the freshness and perfection. This is no safeway sushi.

RQ had the Beef teriyaki lunch – beans and carrots sesame seed. Vegetable tempura and bleu cheese sauce, sushi, tofu miso soup. RQ requested fully cooked or vegetarian sushi as it is not her forte.

RQ - I gobbled the sushi down like a pelican trying not to taste it. (boooo from the audience) I have to say the rice was tasty and the presentation of the food on the plate was a masterpiece. The cold egg "omelet" sushi reminded me of a little mini sumo wrestler on my plate, he would fight me on the way down. (boooo, hiss) the cooked tuna sushi was tasty.  I would be tempted to try this raw. My plate had fresh thinly sliced ginger that tasted like Christmas. The vegetable tempura was light and airy. There was carrots, okra, a leaf and some peppers. It was way to salty for me. It tasted like the ocean, but there was no bitter after taste in your mouth. (people screaming  BOOOOOOOO) I could not really taste the blue cheese that was at the bottom of the bowl. The soup was an unfortunate choice. The flavors where not compatible. I absolutely did not like this one at all. (people are screaming for me to get off the stage.) The Beef Terriyaki made me forget about the rest of the dishes on the lunch plate. It reminded me of a ride back in time on the luxurious orient express, in all its glory.  (cheers from the audience) The meat was perfect. The Terriyaki glaze sparkled like a star at night. The sauce was sweet and tangy. This was melt in your mouth divine. All is redeemed. 

After our table is cleared Amber brings us dessert.  Ice Cream Sandwiches. 3 squares about 3x3 each.
One chocolate, one peanut butter,  one lime ginger.

Karna - I like the lime ginger ice cream sandwich the best, so I am going to eat it last. These are very good.

RQ - The peanut butter ice cream sandwich reminded me of a peanut butter milk shake in a square.  It was rich and creamy. It had a very light peanut crust. Eating this one brought forth fond childhood memories, like a day without school. The chocolate ice cream sandwich tasted like sour milk. Much to my disappointment I have to say I am going to have to minus points for this one. (booo) The best ice cream sandwich was the lime ginger. The crust was delicate lace and spice. The ice cream was fresh and exciting. It was like walking through a tropical rain forest. Karna was right. The ginger lime ice cream sandwich was a blue ribbon winner.  It was an honor to eat it.

Combined total points of the restaurant ambiance and food
Karna - 10
RQ - 9.5

Marimoto wins!


Lila said...

bravo! bravo! I have yet to see one of these competitions, but due to the socialites on this show, I believe it's must-see TV!

Truth be told, I howled with laughter llke a ginney!


Fellow socialite from potato country.

Lila said...

pardon this mis-spelling above. I'm in bed with the flu...and now reading glasses. Makes this socialite look like she was raised in a barn.



Mountain Momma said...

I am proud of you. You have come an extremely long way from the days of limp toast and milk with ice cubes! ;o)