Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Day of My Vacation

On the first day of my vacation - I woke up. I checked whats going on in the world on my computer. Today is Sis's Birthday. Happy Birthday Sis.

My sweet friend took me out to breakfast for my birthday. She let me pick. I wanted to go to the hole in the wall. It is in the back of a strip mall in Rolling Hills.  This little cafe has been in Rolling Hills for years. They have signs hanging on the walls that say things like "If you haven't been served in 30 minutes you probably won't be served at all."  It was packed. We had to sit at the counter. I had the "Tuesday Special" on Saturday, eggs and french toast. This little hole in the wall has the very best hash browns.

We attempted to go to some holiday boutiques. We could not find one, we were a week early for the other. So we stopped at an antique store. They where having a "Vintage Christmas"

I think I must of been a little shaky after about 8 cups of coffee. I found this very cute red truck ornament. I promptly dropped it and it broke in 1 million pieces. Oooopps, I guess I just bought it. The owners said it was ok, not to worry that it happens all the time. I told my sweet friend it was time to get out of there.

I got home and the phone rang. It was my dad. He just got home from the hills. He had a truck load of firewood. So I went over to his house and unloaded the truck load of wood. It had been pouring down rain. It smelled fresh outside. It was cold and windy. I loved it. I told my dad to go in the house and get some rest.

While I was unloading the wood I was thinking I love this kind of work, compared to house work. House work boring- working outside happy. I loved the smell of the wood, I loved working hard. I loved being outside. My 2 mom used to call me her "country girl," ( that was a compliment) I think she was right. I am misplaced.  It took me about an hour but I gotter' done. I was happy to help my dad. I went home.

Me and my gig a low have been looking for a new dishwasher. Ours has stopped working. So I have been looking on Craigs list. I found one today. We are suppose to get it tomorrow. I will have to cut church to go get it. My gig a low email the pastor to tell him we would not be at church. Kind of like calling in sick I suppose. I see the ad is still up. I hope it works.. You never know if your going to get taken when you buy things on Craigs list.

I cooked a pot roast for dinner with all fixing.

My gig a low and I watched the movie "Goonies."

It was a good day.

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