Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The C word (Not Christmas)

Shorty's Birthday is coming up. Jan 1. Usually she is always late with her Christmas cards. Me I am more then late, I never send them at all. I got a card from her today. BEFORE Christmas. She always sends a photo of her two kids. Both are teenagers, good looking and smart! I called her up to thank her for the Christmas card, Anyways I am going to repeat this story Shorty told me. 

A couple of weeks ago one of  the students called Shorty and the other staff members a slang term about female anatomy that rhymes with bunt and starts with "C." Shorty says students call the staff all kinds of bad names, but they draw the line with that word. I am thankful I don't have students like that.

So the teacher called the mother in to discuss the students foul mouth. The mother said she was so sorry that the student called the staff the "C" word. The mother went on to say it must of been her fault, and she apologized. Apparently, the mother had been talking to the grandmother of the student on the phone. The mother called the grandmother a "C" and the student over heard the conversation, therefore, the student learned to use that word from the mom, and the mom was sorry that the student repeated it at school.

Wow, that is quite a story Shorty.

I will be talking to you again in just a few days, I hope you will have time to tell me more stories I can write on my blog!

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