Saturday, November 27, 2010

7th day of my Vacation

On the 7th day of my vacation I woke up. I got a cup or coffee and looked at the TV's that were on sale on the internet.
I put up blow up Santa. He is so cute! I love blow up Santa.

I really didn't do that much.

My Dad, GG-Gp, "A", JD come over for thanksgiving/Birthday dinner. We had ham, cheese potatoes, super easy Waldorf salad, crescents, and condiments. The garlic stuffed green olives where a big hit.

The most exciting news is JD has a new job as a SECRET AGENT for some unnamed US government agency.  Our first 007! JD is going to Europe for 11 days with "friends" on Christmas day.

"A" is super buffed, Ripped and has a 6 pack.

My gig a low bought me a micro-fiber, memory foam bathroom mat. I LOVE IT.
GG-GP was so kind to bring me flowers and card with a present in it.

JD and "A" gave me a beautiful card that says:

Know what makes you so great? You've got this attitude that says "there's plenty of love to go around"  If someone needs a little mothering you do it, I'm lucky to be one of the those someones who learned from you, laughed with you and been welcomed by your good and generous heart. you make the world better just by being in it"
love JD and "A".

The card brought a tear to my eye.


Lila said...

That is the perfect card for you!!!! What a great verse in that card.

ChaChaneen said...

That card indeed brings a beautiful tear!