Monday, January 25, 2010

The Target Incident

The other day I went to Target with Susanna and her 3 kids. We decided we would split up. Susanna took the boys and I took the girl. We agreed to meet up at the food court at 5:30 pm. We would have dinner together.

Susanna's daughter is 11 years old. Her name is Beth, she had a gift card from her birthday. Beth and I had so much fun looking at the toys, dvd and cd's. Beth loves purses even at 11 years old. She takes after her mother. Beth found a pink corduroy purse with extra long straps to buy. It was on clearance. It only cost $6.00. She was so happy. I found $67.00 worth of toiletries and make up to buy. One little tiny bag cost me $67.00. Beth used her gift card to buy her new purse. She was so excited. She wanted to use the rest of her gift card and buy herself dinner. A hot dog kids meal that comes with an icy. So I called Suzann on her cell phone to see if it was ok. Yes, because she was having a hard time finding the right shoes for the boys, they would be late. Ok-great, lets get dinner. Beth proudly ordered a hot dog kids meal and an icy.

I found a table for 5 and plopped my purse, target bag and rain jacket on the table. Beth put her stuff on the table too. I was tired from a long day at work and shopping with a kid. The icy machine was self serve. It was just a few feet away. I encouraged Beth to go get the icy herself. Ooopps. The blue icy started overflowing from the cup, Beth started screaming. I jumped up, scooped up our stuff and ran to her aid. Other mom types jumped up as well. Everything was under control in less than a minute. The sleeve of Beth's bleach white shirt was now blue, but everything was ok, or so I thought.

Just as we sat down Susanna and the boys showed up. I was acting as if nothing unusual had happened. Beth showed her mother the purse (along with a blue shirt sleeve) with great enthusiasm. Susanna says to me "what did you buy?" I was looking forward to complaining about a little tiny bag that cost $67.00, but I couldn't find it. It was gone. I guess when I scooped up our stuff when Beth needed help, I left the little bag behind. I looked high and low. I asked the workers at the counter, I looked in garbage cans, I went to customer service. It was gone. Someone had ripped off my little bag of stuff that cost $67.00. My first reaction was to cry. I could not afford to go buy another $67.00 worth of items. I did not cry. I held my slef together. Calm, I had to be calm. Susanna and the kids where looking under tables. Nothing. I went back to customer service. They called security.

So I tell the rent a cop what happened.. So he says to me "do you have your receipt?" No. It was in the bag. So he went to the back room and looked at security videos. He came back and said he could see me buying the collection of goods but Target did not have a camera in the eating area of the food court. OK, I said, so what are you going to do about my problem? (Look I know Target is not responsible, but dang it I needed my moisturizer because it is very dry in my house. ) He just looked at me. I said again trying to remain calm, WHAT are you going to do to help me? He called the manager. After 45 minutes of me nagging they reprinted my receipt and told me to go get my stuff.

That was very kind of the people at Target. They have great customer service. They could of said your this, it is your loss- go away lady. But they did not. I gave the manager a hug, shook the rent a cops hand and told them how much I appreciated what they had done for me. I told them I would tell all my friends to shop at Target.

Susanna, the kids and I have gone back to Target. But I don't let Beth get her own icy anymore.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aunt Bea

I am so lucky to have an Aunt Bea. She is one of the original Rosy the Riveters. She worked in the shipyards during WW2. She is so cool. Aunt Bea is 87 years old. She is a very wise and discerning woman. She can read a situation faster then the speed of light. She has had a tragic life. Her only son drowned when he was a teenager and my uncle died playing golf one day. Dropped dead of a heart attack on the golf course. I think that was more then 30 years ago. Aunt Bea thinks everyone should drive cadillacs . She has a burgundy cadillac with burgundy leather seats and a burgundy steering wheel. It is the size of a cruise ship. The car is clean just like the day she bought it. Aunt Bea is very current. She follows the stock market and politics. She has been to Haiti so she is very sympathetic to the problems they are having.

Aunt Bea just calls em as she sees em. When my dad had his last girlfriend she would say things like this:
"No fool like an old fool"
"Your dad's girlfriend is using him for the cadillac." (He had one at that point)

Yesterday my Dad and I went to see Aunt Bea. Here are some things she said that I want to repeat.

She was saying now that she is old she has to take alot of pills. She is not fond of that. She has a hard time sleeping so her Dr. recommended sleeping pills. Not a chance. Since then Aunt Bea has discovered that eating a bean and beef burrito and washing it down with a shot of good brandy right before bed makes her sleep like a baby. That is her bed time snack every night now.

Aunt Bea has a little Boston terrier. She loves him so much. He is good company. She said he likes to crawl in bed with her. Aunt Bea says she sleeps with a 4 legged dog, but some of her friends sleep with a 2 legged dog. She prefers the 4 legged kind. (I almost fell off her love seat and rolled on her 1970's green carpet I was laughing so hard.)

Aunt Bea said to my dad - Have you heard from the x girlfriend since you sold your cadillac? No my dad said. He changed the subject right away and suggested that we go out to lunch.

I had a great day with my dad and Aunt Bea.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

GG-GP & Blondie

GG-GP is tuning and playing his Fender guitar that he calls Blondie. I know I have told you before but he really is a great guitar player. The music is floating back here to my office, it brings life to the stillness at my house. Usually all I can hear is my fingers tapping the keyboard. All this toe tapping and guitar playing Makes me want to have a beer and dance on the table. Just kidding!

Weather Report
We had a funnel cloud today. No Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore! There are some dumb $#@$@ property owners who are spending millions trying to make a cliff stop eroding in Pacifica. They have hired contractors who are trying to stop 2 apartments complexes from falling into the ocean. We had rain for 5 days now. More rain is coming our way. I wonder if the apartment owners have ever heard the story about NOT building your house on the sand??? The owners must of cut their oceanography class. If mother nature gets her way, (she always does) those apartments are gone. Do you want to bet how many more days until at least some part of the complex falls off the bluff? I love to bet...ok I say two more weeks, what do you say?

tap-p-p-p, tap-p-p, it is fun to listen to GG-GP's music..... lalala lalalala. How I love the blues!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jimbobs Obituary

Jimbob worked for Hewlett-Packard for 19 years. But later in life, his family said, the 58-year-old Sunnyvale man drank too much. He lost his job. He lost his home. And Sunday, he lost his life.

For some reason, Jimbob ran along Highway 101 south of Lawrence Expressway about 10 p.m., and was killed when a Dodge Neon struck him.

His family wonders if drinking had anything to do with Jimbobs behavior.

"He liked to drink," said Jimbob's son,. "He was a musician and had his guitar with him. The driver said he held up his guitar over his head right before he died. In fact, the guitar made it, even though my father didn't."

The Santa Clara County coroner's office typically takes about six weeks for a toxicology report to come back to determine the cause of death, including what was inside someone's system before death. The California Highway Patrol did not arrest the driver of the Dodge.

"I feel sorry for the man," Jimbob's son said of the driver. "I'd like to let him know that."

Similar sentiments are shared by Jimbob's other two children and four grandchildren. One son said he kept a "good relationship" with his father despite his life choices. (that is because that son has made the same choices)

Jimbob was twice divorced and homeless, and frequented the 7-Eleven on Wildhorse Avenue, next to one of his other favorite spots, Humphys Lounge, his son said.

Jimbob earned a small living through tips from playing his guitar outside the convenience store.

"People called him the Guitar Man," his son said. "Everyone loved him."

Jimbob was let go from HP about 10 years ago, his son said, when the company offered to pay for a substance abuse rehabilitation program and his father declined. He said his father had worked in the shipping and die-casting departments.

Jimbob slept in several spots. Often, he camped out at a park and sometimes lived along the freeway where he was killed.

One lady said over the five years that she knew him, she bought Jimbob cat food for his pets, and sometimes ordered pizzas for him and his friends. She and her neighbors occasionally paid Jimbob to move furniture or help string Christmas lights. She said he watched out for her kids when they played outside.

"He never panhandled," she said. "And if you hired him for a job, he was there on time and did the work."

The lady said she enjoyed Jimbob guitar playing on the weekends in front of 7-Eleven.

"He played and sang for people," she said. He was family to everyone in the neighborhood."

Ok I guess I am not mad more, just sad for his addiction and sad for the loss the family is feeling right now. Jimbob was a son, father and a friend to people despite the fact he was a drunk.

This is from San Jose Mercury News by Lisa Fernandez Edit and commentary by R. Quilter

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raider Baby & Blankie

I love my angel bear blankie my great auntie gave me for my baptism.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Story of Mt PaPa's - Papa Jimbob

This is pathetic. Jimbob died because he was a drunk. He was living in a tent across the freeway from 7-11. Jimbob was "drunk as a skunk" as usual. He thought it would be a good idea to cross the freeway at night to go buy some more booze. Some poor young guy hit and killed him. Jimbob still had a beer in his front pocket when the paramedics arrived. Please also pray for the guy who hit and killed Jimbob.

I am really pissed. Selfish drug and alcoholics. All you can think about is yourself. All you think about is poor me, poor me. Now look what you did, you have completely screwed up this innocent guys life. Yes, your suffering is over now. But you have caused great suffering to someone else. For years your mom, your kids and grandkids have suffered because of your addiction. You should be proud of your sons they have addiction problems just like you. One is a drunk the other is a meth head. But you didn't care. The booze was more important. Thankfully your son Mt. Papa got his act together and has been clean and sober for 5 years now.

I am also sad for you Jimbob that you never got help. You would rather live in a tent by the freeway then get help. It was everyone else with the problem, everyone else's fault. Blame Blame Blame. To bad you didn't take a good look at yourself before this all happened. (opps I am getting mad again) Now you have met your maker. How pitiful.

More Bad News

Mt. PaPa's father was killed last night. This is a very sad story that I am not at liberty to tell right now. Please pray for peace for the family.

Mt MaMa and PaPa I am so sorry. I am sure Mt. PaPa is going to have many emotions to deal with.

With love,
I am praying for you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Dear Yolanda,

I am glad we had sometime together this afternoon. I wish I could do something to soften the blow. I hope your brother is going to make it. I know you don't like the God talk, but know that Jesus cares for you way more then I do. He even cares for your brother. He hates to see the pain your both are in. God counts every tear. Your brothers actions and bad choices makes it hard on you and everyone around him. God does not want it this way. He is a loving God who wants the best for everyone.

I am praying for you and your brother.

Please call me anytime. I will see you on Tues..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I couldn't help it, this is just so cute.
Meet Princess Raider Baby the First!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A friend at work

I have this friend at work, I will call her Yolanda. Yolanda is at retirement age. As a single mother she worked hard, has raised her kids and they have done well for themselves. She has grandkids now.

Last year sometime Yolanda's brother moved in with her. Yolanda's brother is an alcoholic. If he is not drinking, he is screaming at Yolanda to go buy him alcohol. He blames her for everything that is wrong with him. So Yolanda runs to the store and buys him the booze just to shut him up. He runs her ragged. He has been so drunk he has fallen down, and cut his head or broken his arm. He has threaten to kill himself. Yolanda sometimes has to call her neighbors to help her get him up out of the driveway or hallway or where ever he his at. Last night Yolanda's brother drank himself unconscious. She could not wake him up. She did not want to call the paramedics because he has a record and a warrant and she was afraid he is going to get arrested.

I try to tell Yolanda that she is doing her brother a great injustice by not calling the cops or paramedics. His alcoholism is way out of control. Way more then she is capable to handle. He is drinking himself to death. She is going to kill herself in the process of helping him. I keep trying to get though to her that you cannot help someone so much that you hurt yourself. That is called co-dependent.

Yolanda feels sorry for her brother because he had a rough life. Their dad used to beat them and all kinds of crazy things. I told Yolanda, look your dad did all that to you too. You still did ok in life. That is no excuse. The anger and guilt is just a way to manipulate you.

One of the hardest things We ever had to do was call the cops on a loved one in my family. My loved one was so messed up on drugs, we were afraid that our loved one was a danger to slef and others. We called the cops, they 5150 the loved one. I felt like someone was ripping me to shreds when they took our loved one away. We knew we had to do it. It was the best thing for our loved one. We could not help our loved one anymore.

Yolanda if you are reading this, please do the right thing and get your brother help. You cannot do it anymore. If you can't do it on your own call your kids and tell them. They are good kids and will help you get help for your brother. YOU also need to get help. Can you see Yolanda, you are as sick as your brother. (I know that by the things listed above). I hope you are not mad at me for saying that. But I am worried about you. I do not want you to suffer at the hands of your brother anymore. I know it's hard. You do not deserve to be punished like this. I know I will not see you until tuesday. But you can call me anytime.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Baby Club

I used to be very annoyed that I was not part of the baby club. You know, when you go through pregnancy and the birthing process. It gives a woman an instant bond with other women. Recently, (and many other times in my past) I was forced to listen to a group of cackling hens talk about every last detail of the pregnancy process.

It was so amazing, these women knew exactly when they got pregnant. They talked about where they were at during the time of conception. They could feel the cell dividing. . They went on to talk about each trimester play by play in detail.

Some were sick at the thought of food, others ate like a horse, their boobs hurt, but they got bigger much to the delight of some of the women. They had to pee all the time, they got stretch marks. Literally two hours later they were still talking about having a baby. Bla Bla Bla Bla. When they got to the ultrasound part at least I could join in.

I jumped in and told them this story. I had an ultrasound. No baby though. I asked the technician if I could have a photo to hang on my wall at work just like everyone else. The technician said really? I said yes. So she gave me a photo of my ultrasound. I hung it on my wall at work like everyone else. The women in the group just stared at me, not knowing what to say. I shrugged my shoulders.

After the long pause one woman started talking about her plug. The group all joined in the choir at once. Singing songs of where they where at when their plug came out. I will be the first to say I didn't even know about a plug until a few years ago. In fact it was my bad Mormon friend who first told me about plugs. She should know she has 15 kids.

Not ever bearing children makes you feel left out.

Do you know that at different points in my life women would pull up their shirts to show me a big round pregnant belly. Some of them knew the difficulty I was going through. I have had women want me to feel their bellies and the baby kicking or moving. No way, not a chance.

I was so jealous...I hated being invited to baby showers. Being invited meant two things:

1. I had to go into the baby section of the store and buy a present
2. I would have to go to the shower and act like I was happy for the lady who was having the baby.

Buying cute little baby presents caused me all kinds of pain. I would drive up to the store to buy a baby present. Sometimes I would get upset so I would drive off and go buy a frosty.

Other times I would get into the store. With one glance at those cute newborn clothes I could feel the tears welling up getting ready to pour out of me. Someone turned on the faucet. I could not control it, I had to get out of the store, get in my car, have a good sob, go home and go to bed.

If I did make it to the baby shower I was really pissed off that the lady and the baby could have a special party. I wanted a special party. A cake, punch and presents. All the baby club members would be there telling of how to care for the baby and telling the pregnant woman how beautiful she was. Each present opened with awwww from the club. Most of the time I would excused myself and go home.

Rage would possess me. In my mind I would be yelling at God telling him it wasn't fair. I wanted to be part of the baby club. I would tell God that I did not understand why there are women in this world who give birth in the toilet and walk a way. Or why could some women pop babies out like popping popcorn. EVERYONE can have a baby, Just not me.

Over the years I have realized I went through the grieving process. I was grieving something I never had, only wished for. Here are the grieving steps I took.

1. Denial - I am not mad at God for this. Maybe someday I will have a baby,
2. Anger - I am mad at God for this, I am not having a baby.
3. Bargaining- Ok God, if I can have a baby I will follow all your commandments and never sin again. Or here is some extra money in the offering, maybe God will notice me and I can have a baby. Will God take bribes? (no)
4.-Depression. I don't fit in the baby club. I cannot carry on family traditions. People say things like "why don't you have any kids yet" or why didn't you have any children. I will just stay in bed and or go to the refrigerator to eat my way out of depression.
5. Acceptance. Ok God, you know why I did not have a baby. You can see the beginning to the end of my life, you are in control. You give me peace.

So what have I figured out through all this?

1. I am not in control.
2. God sees the the whole story of my life. The alpha and omega. A child was not in the plan, but he had other plans for me.
3. I can confer with other women who were not able to have babies. We have our own secret
4. God has given me beautiful children I did not have to give birth to.

Even though it was not my idea to have kids the way I do, it was the right way for me. I am thankful for each and everyone of them.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Local (loco) 2 Hotel Workers

Local (Loco) 2 is the Hotel workers union in San Francisco. They have been on strike since Aug 09. Local 2 say the big businesses are trying to take away their health benefits. Here are the hotels they are having a problem with:

  • Palace Hotel
  • Westin St. Francis
  • W Hotel
  • Hilton San Francisco Union Square
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf
  • Le Meridien Hotel

So what they do is choose a hotel, say the Grand Hyatt. They will go and sit in front of the hotel entrance, bang drums, yell, blow whistles, and march around with picket signs all night long. In turn this keeps patrons awake all night. They tell the tourist the to stay away from that hotel and the others from the list above.

The other night Local 2 decided they would go picket in front of the Hilton. No one was paying any attention to them so they called the cops on themselves. The Hilton said they did not want to press any charges. This made Loco 2 unhappy. So Loco 2 told the cops to arrest them anyways. They insisted. They wanted to be arrested. So the cops took a handful of protesters into custody. Local 2 released a press statement saying they had been

They have a right to protest. They should get their health benefits. I don't have a problem with that. Here is where loco 2 and I disagree- local 2 used tax payers money and make the cops arrest them. I think the cops have better things to do. I think the Cops in S.F should get a raise for having to deal with stuff like this. I did not like the half truth press release. I feel the white lies makes Local 2 look really bad.

Winter Harvest

Ok, no laughing !!!! Here it is my winter harvest. One tiny carrot and two VERY SOUR oranges.

Monday, January 4, 2010

3 of the Best Christmas Gift

Here are the 3 very best Christmas gifts ever (the truth is all my christmas gifts where the best ever)

1. My gig a low knows how much I love gadgets. He bought a voice activated alarm clock for me. You can ask the clock what time it is or the date. It will replay with the time or the date. You talk to the clock and tell it what time you want to wake up. The clock will talk back to you and confirm what time you want to get up. You can ask the iTalk to change alarm sounds. The clock gives you 4 choices and what sound it will make with the corresponding number. I tell the clock #4. It will confirm the alarm sound. iTalk talks to me when it is time to get up, it will say "the time is 4:21 am" I love it.

2. GG-GP bought me this food chopper even though he was really sick. He is very thoughtful. It sounds like a Harley Davidson (and as loud as one too) when you press the chop button. It reminds me of the old days. :)

3. Blow up Santa

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can I talk about S-E-X ?

Disclaimer, none of these thoughts have anything to do with me, they are not even my thoughts. They are not how I act, how I feel or what I have ever done. (well sort of heheheh)

Malinda has a very healthy sex life with her husband. She and her husband call her son to tell him to stay away for a while when it they have a "date" . Most of the time her son gets the hint. It is even ok if her son has sex in the house as long as Malinda does not have to hear it. I told her why not punish him like our parents did and make him "do it" in the car or in the bushes? No, Malinda says as long as her son and his girlfriend are quiet about it, she and her husband are ok with it. Once in a while her son and the girlfriend forget and are not quiet. That makes Malinda mad. I would have never shown ANY physical affection to my boyfriend with my parents around. Holding hands at the very most. Kids these days are different I think. Maybe parents are too.

I wonder do you ever feel like S-E-X (as my friend Jeremiaha would say) is a chore? Oh I have to go home and vacuum today, hum drum. Oh I have to go home and have S-E-X tonight. Cover me up when your done honey. Do men ever feel like it is a chore? Maybe they have so much peer pressure they could never admit if they did feel that way. My single friends tell me how they long to be "close" to a man again. As for my married friends, it is about 50/50. Chore/Fun

Speaking of Jeremiaha she can't even say the word sex. She spells it S-E-X.

Our church preaches that you should never use sex with your husband as a tool to get something you want. What if you and your husband have a deal? I will give you this, if you give me that? If your honest about it, what is the problem? The let's make a deal things seems to be ok. Again, I would never do anything like that. I understand the church does not want you to use sex as a controlling tool. Lets say you got into a fight with your husband because he did not do the dishes, so you cut him off for 6 months. It has now become a control issue. I agree that is wrong. Both men and women can use sex as a weapon to control one another.

The bible talks about sex alot. Adultery. bestiality, incest, it has it all, including a loving relationship. The whole book of Song of Soloman is a sex book. XXX rated for its day. This book makes me blush. It shows sex in a good and positive light. Some people try to ignore Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) or explain it away. The truth is, the book is about sex in a loving relationship, I think is very beautiful and poetic.

This is my favorite chapter 8: 6-7 NIV

" 6 Place me like a seal over your heart,
like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death,
its jealousy unyielding as the grave.
It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.

7 Many waters cannot quench love;
rivers cannot wash it away.
If one were to give
all the wealth of his house for love,
it would be utterly scorned.

The King James says it this way

6 Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

7Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seal Lions update

Last night they found a sea lion back at the pier, but it was hurt. It got way before they could rescue it.

From KPIX San Francisco

"images of the struggling sea lion floating on a dock were first broadcast on CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11 p.m. Friday. The mammal appeared to have a fishing line tightly wrapped around its neck and snout and looked as if it was having difficulty breathing".

Hummmm, did say I was suspicious of the fisherman the other night?

Friday, January 1, 2010

A look inside the Temple

I went with my bad Mormon friend and her husband to the Mormon Temple yesterday. My Teacher and his wife got "sealed" . It was explained to me that being "sealed" is a religious marriage ceremony not a civil marriage ceremony. If you are sealed you can stay married after your dead. This thought must sound very appealing to some people. Not me.

The temple is a beautiful building made out of light gray granite, with well manicured gardens and a water fountain. As you walk in your "greeted" by temple workers. Inside the doors two or three men in their white suites sat behind this big desk thing. Obviously, representing their interpretation of heavens gates. The women sat to the side behind the big desk.

In the temple all workers all had blinding white clothes on. The Mormon's refer to this as their "whites" Good Mormon's could put on their "whites" too. The women had white dresses/skirts blouse or white muumuus on, white socks/stockings and white shoes. The men had on white suits and ties, socks and shoes. I noticed many of the temple workers did not pay attention to the souls of their shoes. They were dark gray from ware. With all the white the gray stood out as the workers walked to and fro on the marble floor.

The men in white at the big desk would check and see if you had your "recommend" card. If you did not have a "recommend" you did not step one foot past the station where the men were sitting. I couldn't go in cause I did not have a recommend card. My bad Mormon friend's card was revoked. But her husband's card was good so he could go in past the big desk.

I had to wonder what would happen if you ran past those men into the temple? Would they send the women to run after you? Would they have to scrub the temple with bleach?

Anyways, The temple workers escorted the bad Mormons and non Mormons to a waiting room almost like a mother hen, making sure her chicks didn't wonder off. The good Mormons went and took off their shoes and put on white socks or put on white shoes then joined us in the waiting room while they waited for the "session" or "sealing" (two different things) to start.

One temple worker came in to the waiting room, where everyone was waiting. It was a no brainer to see the good Mormons from the bad Mormons (or others like me) because we had our shoes on or our shoes were not white. The temple worker shook peoples hands and said welcome with a smile to everyone that had their socks on or white shoes. Me and my bad Mormon friend where passed up.

When it was time the card holders where escorted away. Me and my bad Mormon friend decided it was time to to get some coffee. So we left the temple got some coffee, came back and drank it in the parking lot.

At this point I realized I had left my black cardigan inside. So I went back in the temple and told the old men in the white suits that I had misplaced my black sweater. This one temple worker was kind of intimidating. He and his cohorts where sitting behind that big desk and literally looking down at me. They said I would have to go back to the office, but first I needed to show my recommend card. I said I don't have one. They said I could not go in. I said well, I have alot of friends who have a recommend card so there. So I had my teacher go look for it when he was done getting "sealed." Anyways I never did find my black sweater.

I studied a little bit with the Mormons when I was a young lady. I had a crush on a missionary who came knocking at my door one night. At that point I did not care about religion. I cared about the cute young blond headed guy from Idaho who stopped by. So it did not work out.

This is definitely a system of hierarchy. It seems as though Mormons are shamed based. Many other world religions are shamed based. Based on my teacher, Mormons do many good things to help people. All the rituals, male domination and white muumuus just would not work for me.