Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3ed day of my Vacation

On the 3ed day of my vacation I woke up. I checked the internet to see what is going on in the world. MaMaJane has a new facebook page. She has been and always will be the coolest mom ever.

I went out to breakfast with a friend. I was suppose to have "sour dough flapjacks." I think they forgot the sour dough starter. The pancakes where not fluffy or bubbly. The pancakes had no taste. The coffee was mild (boring coffee). It was really good to hang out with my friend. But I don't think I will be returning to this restaurant.

Juan come over to put our dishwasher in and fix the front gate and the back gate so the doggies don't get out.

I went over to my dads and picked him up, On my way over to my dad's I noticed that my bike rack was wobbling around.  I started praying that my bike rack would not fall off on the freeway.

Thankfully my bother was at my dad's house when I arrived. My pin lock had falling off and the bolt was loose. My bother fixed the bolt. Then me and my dad went on the hunt for a new lock. We went to REI and Any Mountain, I found one at Any Mountain,  The price tag said 21.99. The cashier said oh thats mis-marked it is 25.99. I said the price tag says 21.99. Ok already- she gave me the 21.99 price. Then my dad wanted to take me out to lunch. I said Dad I am not hungry I just ate breakfast. My dad insisted. So I got a kids meal buritto.

My Dad and I went to Walmart. They had canned chicken broth for .50 can. I took my dad home. I cleaned the other half of the dinning room.

I went all out last night and made TV dining. My gig a low and GG-GP had some sort of meat product and I had something that resembled an extra large chicken nugget.

We could not use the new dishwasher because we did not have enough dishes.

I made up my dinner menu for the week.

I finished watching the American music awards. I like the Black Eyed Peas the best.

That was it.

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