Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Annual Work Christmas Party

Last night I went to our annual work Christmas Party. I had made up my mind I was NOT going to get emotionally attached to any "White elephant" gift this year. My date is always- my gay friend Jamie and his partner.

There was bout 25 people there. My X Mormon friend remodeled her house and it looked beautiful. I was asking Jamie and his partner (AHP) - if you think someone in your family is gay should you just point blank ask them are you gay? AHP said no, you should never do that. He said he hates it when people ask him if he is gay. Jamie had mixed feelings about it.

The door opened and in walked FT. My blood turned to ice. The blow up Santa grabber is here.
She did not have her perfect snow white children or her very handsome husband with her this year. FT was alone. She walked right over to me and told me she was "sorry" for taking all the great gifts I have "won" the years. I had to look at her twice and make sure it was really FT.  I started to wonder if this was some space alien who had invaded FTs body?  FT patted me on the knee and plopped down right in front of me on the floor. I was thinking what is she doing? Has FT lost her mind?

The "White Elephant" game started. We picked numbers. I had 4 and FT had 10. FT said to me, get what ever you want and I will make sure you keep it. What ever they put in the sparkling cider was freaking me out. When it was my turn I picked a beautiful snowflake candle holder with 2 candles. I made an announcement that I was NOT going to get emotionally attached to any gift this year. FT turned around again and said don't you worry, you will get to keep the snowflake candle holder. Ok... A few turns later someone stole my snowflake candle holder. FT says do you really want that candle holder, I said yes, FT said ok then get me that cookie jar. When its my turn I will get the candle holder back. I started thinking what kind of manipulation is this? Ok I got the cookie jar. FT got the snowflake candle holder. FT said ok we will trade. BTW-This year there was no drunken intimations by unruly co workers kids.

Ok,, well, someone stole "my" cookie jar. FT told me to get the movie tickets, someone else just opened. I thought heck with this, I am going to get what I want. I am still being manipulated.  So I took  AHP's gift, different candle holders that I really liked. Someone stole AHP's gift from me. I had to take another turn. FT started to whisper get that kids game. I could tell that the lady who got the kids game did not like it, so I stole the kids game. When it was all said and done, I had the kids game and FT had the snow flake candle holder. FT turned to me and said ok lets trade.

FT was so proud of herself. She clinched her hands and proclaimed "I DID THE RIGHT THING, I am so happy." Wow. This was a monumental moment for FT. She patted me on the knee again and told me to enjoy the snowflake candle holder.

I drove home very happy last night.


kayakerswife said...

Are you sure you did not dream this?

ChaChaneen said...

Thud..... sorry I just fainted. lol