Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blow Up Santa

My x Mormon friend is getting ready to have her annual Christmas party. I said to my x Mormon friend, no kids at the party this year right? She assured me no kids. We will see.
my oath:
  • I will not get attached to any gift I get. 
  • I will act mature and not have a melt down if someone takes my present! I PROMISE.
  • I will not be annoyed at the people who are drunk and out of control.

I am already thinking about blow up santa. At 12:01 am Nov. 26 he is going up in the front yard. I love blow up Santa. Thanks to MaMajane and Sis, I will be able to keep up with the Jones'es! I can't wait to tell that _____ that I got a blow up Santa that was way better then hers! Deep in my heart I want her to tell me her blow up Santa did not work.

Thank you MaMajane and Sis for the gift that keeps giving!

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