Monday, December 20, 2010

Update 12/20

Update on what you may be asking? My life. Friday as you know was the annual work Christmas party.

On Saturday I went up to see MaMajane and my foster family. Mamajane looked very outstanding considering she just got out of the hosptial. My Foster Sister and Sis where there. I was so happy to see Sis because it had been such a very long time.

When I was young and troubled ( now I am old and troubled) Sis was always there for me, giving me cigarettes and booze. (Just kidding, not the booze) Sis was a very cool hippy with white go go boots when I first met her. She like to listen to the Rolling Stones and Led zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. That's where my love affair with good ole rock and roll started, with Sis. Sis looked very good. My Foster Sister looked great too. My Foster Sisters kids are all grown up now. Jude and Lannie where there. My Foster Brother and Hasting and Hasting's son, Lock and his sister CL and both of their kids.  I love my foster family.

Me and My Foster sister used to go skinny dipping in the built in pool at MaMajanes house.  In the middle of the night me and My Foster Sister would creep out of the house, get in our birthday suits and jump in the pool. My Foster Brother would love to sneak outside and turn the swimming pool lights on. He thought that was great fun. Me and My Foster Sister would scream and run for cover and a towel. MaMajane had a sign that read "I don't swim in your toilet, so don't pee in my pool"

On Sunday, went to church. Me and my gig a low ran all over town. At 7 pm my dad came over to watch the final episode of Survivor. We were happy that Fabio won, although Jane was my favorite.

Today I had to go grocery shopping. I was feeling very anxious and jumpy. No I did not have 7 cups of coffee. Only 2 1/2 cups. Anyways I was putting my grocery away when my phone rang. It was Phoebe. We were suppose to meet up at the Starbucks and I completely forgot. I told Phoebe to stay put. Phoebe is a very wonderful sister who is so FUNNY. She bought me a Alice (Alice in Wonderland) necklace. I LOVE, LOVE IT! After spending just a few minutes with her my nerves where calm. God bless her!

I came home and cooked a beautiful dinner for my gig a low and his oldest friend. His oldest friend looks like a homeless Santa Clause (HSC). He has a taste for good food and gambling. At first I was going to make spaghetti, but the holy spirit told me, nope don't make spaghetti. I did not know why, but I did know I needed to make something else. At dinner during conversation he brought up the fact that he was a chef for 15 years... SEE the holy spirit was right. That's why I fixed Salmon Wellington. Yep, it was a good choice.  Here was our menu:

Appetizers: Green olives - Greek country pitted, Italian pitted and garlic stuffed. Cheese slices-smoked cheddar and extra sharp cheddar from Canada. Crab Wantons that HSC sister made
Main Coarse: Salmon Welliton
Side Dishes: Rice- brown, red and white. Homemade applesauce, dill tarter sauce and fresh lemon off my tree.

After dinner we played poker. I lost 5 bucks. There was no way me and my gig a low were going to win against HSC.  I have never seen a professional poker player up close. It was kind of fun just to watch how he held the cards, counted the chips and cut the deck. Really not so much fun as it was intimidating in a fun kind of way. HSC was nice and let me and my gig a low win at first, next thing I knew I was out of chips.

Now I am writing my blog. MaMa Jane says she cant keep up with all my fooling around. I told her sometimes I can't keep up either.

I hope you have sweet sleep!

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KARNA said...

I cherish you my bring such joy to my life!!!! I had such a kick buying that necklace for you!!