Saturday, November 27, 2010

On The 8th Day of my Vacation

On the 8th Day of my vacation I woke up and looked at the clock. It said 5:30 am. I thought to myself still half asleep, it seems pretty light outside for 5:30 am. I deiced to go back to sleep. I couldn't. Come to find out It was 7:30 am! My clock had stopped.  MaMajane can you believe I slept that late? 
I got a cup of coffee and went to my computer. I checked in with my friends on facebook.

My dad came over and we took a printer and some other old electronic stuff to be recycled. Than it was off to Karna's Sassy Lass boutique. It was fun. I bought 2 bracelets. My friend Dixie was there.

Then it was off to lunch with part of the family. It was good seeing everyone, especially my oldest nephew- SS. SS lives down south by JD, not in the south like Mrs.F.  SS wanted to go to a new hamburger joint in Bookside. When me and my dad arrived the rest of the family was there. The restaurant was PACKED.  The family said lets go to Emilys. Oh NO. NOT EMILYS next to the hospital, that stupid restaurant smells like Kaiser. I kept saying lets go to The Counter. Nope- it off to Emilys. Once I got past the hospital smell,  it was ok. The hamburger was almost $10.00. What a rip off. It was good, but not great by any means. I get a better hamburger in Gunpoint for $5.00. Anyways it was fun hanging out with SS.

Me and my dad went to say Miss Sunshine and her boyfriend Honk. We only stayed a few minutes. I am very happy Miss Sunshine found someone. Miss Sunshine has a sparkle in her eyes. God bless her. I was kind of hyped up because of all coffee I drank at Emilys and I had garlic breath. Oh well. Honk  seems pretty down to earth. I hope they live happily ever after.

Next stop the Junk store. Dad bought stuff. Dad loves junk stores. He is like a kid in a candy shop.

I came home and made dinner. My gig a low was obsessed on the potatoes I made last night. Change in menu again. Left overs. GG-GP took the dishes out of the dish washer and refilled it. He said I worked really hard on dinner the last few night so I should have a break. How kind that he noticed.

To make a very long story short me and my gig a low came into a small amount of money. So after dinner I bought a new TV online. The TV in the living room keeps scrambling, so you hit the side of the tv and the picture comes back on but it is squiggly. That old tv was on its last leg. I got a great deal on the new television- half off. We may be homeless, but we will have a new tv darn it. This will be our first new TV in 15 years. The old tv was an "open box" from sears. It has done well all these years.

Did I tell you the dishwasher we bought on Craigslist works like a charm? I love it!

All of our stuff is wearing out.

After dinner I went to the import store. I bought stocking stuffers for my gig a low and GG-GP. I think I am pretty much done Christmas shopping now.

I can't believe this. I am turning into a vampire like my gig a low and GG-GP. Look how late it is and I am still awake. Maybe I will sleep all day tomorrow.

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