Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quit the Bottle

As you may know, I have quit the bottle... dyeing my hair. All my co-workers thought I was nuts. They said they are not ready yet, they still need their bottle. It just cost to much money and time. Did I worry about the consequences - no. Until the other day.

I went to the makeup counter. This young skinny beautiful 20 something year old girl with flawless skin said to me "this is what we have for mature skin." I looked around to see who she was talking to. No one else around. Stunned, I said to her, do I have mature skin? Then I remember how old I am. Oh, yeah I guess I do have mature skin?" come to find out, I am "mature." (although many people I know would argue that point.) I don't feel mature. This whole mature skin thing got me so upset I left her counter.

I wondered around the makeup department in a daze. I am mature... I am going to have to get back on the bottle. I don't like this "mature" thing. Along the maze of makeup counters I saw a very young man, with flawless skin.. He said can I help you? He appeared to be flamboyantly gay in his speech and mannerisms. Oh what a relief I thought. I bet he will understand the head on crash I was just in.

So I told him my story of the young girl at the makeup counter across the way. He was so sympathetic and sweet. I wanted to adopt him. He reassured me that my choice to quit the bottle was the right one. Come to find out he did not work for the department store I was in, he was a make up artiest from the make up company. He gave me a complete make over to cheer me up. Wow, I looked fabulous. But it was 8:30 pm on a Thursday night. I thought to myself I guess I will just have to sleep in this make up.  I drove home happy about being "mature" and not being on the bottle.


kayakerswife said...

So does this explain your mood on Friday?

Mountain Momma said...

I just can't give up the bottle. You know how old I am and already I look like I'm wearing a white headband if I go too long without the bottle! LOL! When Mountain Papa gives me a bad time about my hair turning grey, I just tell him "at least MY hair isn't jumping ship!" Yeah, it could be worse! :)

R. Quilter said...

Lila said...
I read this from my iphone yesterday morning and cackled out loud several times. I love this blog!!

I wanted to start my own blog today. I was so pissed at someone at work. I'm moving to another office, so I decided to bring pizza in for everyone in the office I'm moving from. After lunch one of the women said she was going to take some of the leftovers home for dinner. In my head I'm going, you cheap bitch. I didn't buy this for your husband, I bought this for the team. Let them enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day! People in Idaho are so fuggin' cheap.

ChaChaneen said...

This is funny but also heart warming! By the way, is that the Lila I know from our former church?