Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok Now What

First I caught Giants fever. Then there was the Halloween parties, They were both SO much fun. Then I went to watch the Giants world series game at the golf course with my co-workers, the Giants won, it was a big party! Next came the elections. I love watching the elections. Yesterday the Giants parade. Half our staff was gone.(do you think they went to the parade?) My teacher tuned the parade on so the students and the staff could watch it on tv. The students went wild yelling LETS GO GIANTS, LETS GO, FEAR THE BEARD, TIM-a . It really surprised me how much these students were into the game. They must of caught Giant fever from their folks. This was all very exciting. Now today it is back to everyday boring life. The truth is I need to be where the party is at.

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R. Quilter said...

You are such an encouragement to me. Thank you for writing this blog. You cause me to want to know God more and deeper and better. I also love you not-related-to-God posts. I'm so entertained by those. You just need to be where the party is at. I love it!