Monday, May 24, 2010

Update 5/24 AM

 My dad's room mate is just what he might be. I thought His name is Robert. Robert is a retired car auctioneer. 

Robert does not like tv. He reads about history, science and biography's.  So I asked him, what are you reading? "A Man's Guide to Backing Up a Trailer." Me and dad giggled.
Just about that time the nurse came it. The nurse had a strange name like Supeundie. Robert kept calling her "suspenders." She had a good humor and laughed about it, Suspenders was trying to give Robert his pain pills. It sounded like she was saying affection. Robert was very happy that Suspenders was going to give him affection.  No, it was just a pain pill, not affection.

A discharge planner came in- Robert tried to joke with him. The discharged was having none of Roberts fooling around and making jokes. So when the discharge planner walked out Robert said he "judges a mans intelligence by his sense of humor" Robert concluded the discharge planner was very stupid.  

My dad said earler in the day Robert got dressed hoping he would get discharged. He did not. So Robert took a walk to downtown Brookside and had lunch at a nice cafe. Robert came back, put his hospital gown back on and got back into bed. Robert is supposed to get discharged today. 

Dad is cranky. I don't blame him. He is weak. He might have to go to surgery today or tomorrow. It is a wait and see things.

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KARNA said...

well i'm loving that robert got dressed and went to a downtown cafe and then came back and put his hopsital gown back on waiting for someone to break him out of there!

however, i'm caught off guard about whatever happened that your dad is back in the hospital and what operation he may have to have tomorrow!!!! The last I knew he came home a week ago Friday and was cranky and didn't want any visitors! I'm praying...have a virus so stuck in house, but i'm praying for him (and you). mucho love xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo