Monday, May 24, 2010

This is What Happend

On May 6th Dad had a hip replacement because my Aunts husband fell on him. 
  • Dad was in the hospital for a week. 
  • Dad went to a skilled nursing facility for a week.
  • Dad signed himself out a day early so he came home last Saturday.  
  • On Saturday May 22 we took dad to the ER because his hip incision was bleeding. 

We were in the ER (blue side) for 12 hours. They gave dad a room upstairs. The Orthopedic surgeon said they  have to open up his hip incision, clean it out and staple it back up again. The surgery got put off a day because his coumadin level is to high.  They might do the surgery tomorrow??

Dad was in better spirits today. We went for a walk around the "A" side of the hosptial. I rolled his IV machine as he went along with a walker. 

There is a lady down the hall who is literately screaming all the time. HELP HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE. The ironic thing is the next room over, there is a yellow sign on the door that says "quiet patient is healing"

Robert went home today.


KARNA said...

Thanks for the clarification of how and why he is having another operation. As I said, you are both in my prayers!!!!!!! (glad Bob got to go home and now he wont have to sneak out to cafes!!) :)

ChaChaneen said...

What a journey - ready to be done now too! Prayers to you both honey!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

winging prayer you way....