Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping is for the Dogs

Yesterday afternoon, Jeremiaha called me and asked if I wanted to go to Brookside, because she had to return a few things. I have not been shopping in a longggggg time so the thought was appealing.

Jeremiaha had to go to Nordstrom's. It has been quite a while since I had been able to spend time with Jeremiaha so I was happy I could go with her.

Nordstrom's was having their half year sale so the place was like a bee swarm of people. It was almost as if the store was floating with movement. The first stop was the shoe department on the first floor. As you know Nordstrom's has leather chairs and beautifully upholster couches to sit on at the shoe department and through out the store.

I look over to my left and their sits a Prima Donna with her Designer dog (mutt) on the couch. I said WHAT, a dog on the couch in the shoe department, thats disgusting, I am calling the health department. . Prima Donna heard me and tried to scorch me with her eyes. Prima Donna was trying to stared me down. That's laughable lady. It was obvious that she and her dog rule with an iron fist at home. The dog started yipping. Maybe I hurt the mutts feelings.

The more I moved around the store, the more dogs went by me. All these little teacup dogs with pink tutus and diamond collars. I was shocked.

While Jeremiaha was upstairs trying on clothes I milled around and asked employees what they thought about all these dogs in the store. Apparently they have been told NEVER to say anything to anyone about it. One employee told me so. They are instructed to say "I don't have an opinion" Even though they all did. Two different employees said the dogs poop in their department. The very spoiled owners just glare at employees and expect them to pick up the dog poop. That is outrageous. I am calling the health department.

Sometimes people bring their dogs when sitting on patios of cafes or outside coffee shops. I really don't have a problem with that. I love dogs. I have two. Not only that, some people have working dogs that help them see,  hear or help with medical problems, You would never see a working dog sitting on a leather chair at the department store. 

Sis, can I borrow one of your Great Danes next time I go over to Nordstrom's? Better yet, does anyone have a Pitbull I can borrow for my next trip to Brookside? hehehe


ChaChaneen said...

Greeeeeed speaks volumes doesn't it!?

Mountain Momma said...

That is GROSS! Why do these people find it necessary to take their dogs to a department store in the first place?
Wanna borrow Titan? He's very calm, but looks scary as heck!