Saturday, May 29, 2010

Takeing Risks 2

So by the time I got to my dad's house I had talked myself out of dad driving one of those go cart things at the grocery store.. It has only been 23 days since his surgery. I think go cart riding should wait for 6 weeks. So I had an offer and compromise ready. I said Dad, I don't think you should drive the go cart thing just yet. This is what I heard in reply- why the *$&% not. I said Dad it is to soon. I would feel terrible if your wound started bleeding again.  I told him I would look at the go cart to see if I thought they might work  So, in any case I will do the shopping and then I will get you out of the car and you can go into Lucky's and pay for your food. I heard more grumbling. So we got to the store. I ran in and checked the go carts. I told my dad that  in my professional opinion the seat leaned back to far and it would be a problem, so I would shop and then he could go to the cash register and pay for his food. Ok. He was good with that now.

On the way home he wanted to stop at the Burger King drive through. He loves fast food. He got the A1 steak house Cheddar cheese burger and fries. He ate the whole thing. He seemed happy.

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