Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Few More things about Yesterday

Here are a few things that happened yesterday.  I was to tired to write about them last night.

Here is one question the nurse asked Dad when he got  to his room.

How is your health?

Dad says "good." 
I started to quietly giggle, because if his health was good he would not be admitted into the hospital.

Down in  ER the 15 minuet Doctor, was there. I like the 15 minute Doctor. The last time we where in ER - when dad broke his hip, we had the 15 minute Doctor.  The 15 minute Doctor. said my dad had a Mercedes tattoo on his chest and abdomen. He was referring to the Whipple surgery scar.

It seems as though once the Doctor. and some nurses find out that Dad has had a Whipple Surgery he gets special treatment.  Most people still do not know about Whipple surgery. It is very uncommon that people live through them, much less a whole year after. So far dad has made it 11 months. 11 months of pure hell, but he has done it.

Anyways from dad's "blue" room I could see what the doctors were doing on their computers. The 15 minute Doctor. spent some time on facebook, before he got to some chest x rays. Dr. Jackass spent his time reading reports and talking on the phone. I have to admit if I was in a critical state life or death, I would want Doctor Jackass. His bedside manor is dreadful, but when it comes to his job he takes it seriously. He wants to save life and limb. Maybe that is why he is so cocky? I don't know. The 15 minute Doctor is good for minor problems.

I really wanted to talk to the Rebel nurse, but I never caught up with her. She "has our back." I liked her the very first time Dad went to the ER during chemo. She says if we need anything come to her, and she will "getter done."

Next door to Dad in the blue side of the ER was a bipolar tweenager. He had a security guard standing by his door. I kept waiting for something to happen. Nothing did.

There was a little tiny baby two rooms over. The screams and cries of a baby in the ER makes me sick. I feel sad for the mother knowing something has gone wrong for her baby, I feel sad for the baby because the baby does not understand what is going on. Poor little thing,  Lord help that little tiny baby get better please.

I over heard the nurses talking about a crazy Vietnam vet. Apparently, he was a hard one to handle.  He had issues with space, like don't inter his.

Dad got a roommate soon after we arrived in the room. I think this roommate is going to compare to Bill the belly dancing roommate he had.

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