Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pick Up

It has been very cold and raining here. On of my students put it best, she said it was "Christmas cold."

Yesterday when I went to get my Dad it was Christmas cold and pouring down rain.

Kaiser parking is a mess because they are doing all kinds of construction. I know you all have heard me complain about the parking structure. It is even worse now. I went to the ER parking lot where you park to pick up your loved ones. It was full of cars.  I remember they Kaiser has valet parking now inside the parking structure. So I drove around to the other side of the hospital and got in line (about 10 minutes)  for valet parking. When it was my turn I said to the attendant- I just have to go pick up my dad, he will be in a wheel chair, it shouldn't be more then an hour. The parking attendant said "you cant park here- so get out of line and drive around in up and down the parking structure until your dad comes out." I said to him, you're joking right? No,I am not.He said do you have a handicap placard? I said I left it at home. I said so only handicap people can use the valet parking? the attend said no. I said ok, I am REALLY UNHAPPY with this. You need to park my car so I can go get my dad. Oh ok, we do not want you to be unhappy so here is a parking place right up here, go ahead and park there.
Why is it that you have to fight for ever last little thing at that hospital?  Maybe all hospitals are the same. I don't know.

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