Monday, May 3, 2010

Today's Bike Ride

I went on a 10 mile bike ride today. It was a struggle. It was hot outside about 85.  I was tired from an emotional weekend and work. Sheryl and I also had a head wind pushing against us.

My bike ride was in Wisteria. I would live in Wisteria if I could.  It is so beautiful. As we rode past the multi million dollar houses.  I had to wonder how many of these house's are empty. Not empty of people or furniture, what I mean is empty of relationships- the husband and wife kind mostly.  I have been to big empty houses. It is almost as if they echo with loneliness.

Along the trail there was red wood trees shading us,  I love redwood trees. They just seem so majestic. We passed horse property, and swimming pools. We rode by the roses in full bloom, you could smell the jasmine.

People decorate their yards for the people on the trail. One had life size farm animals, another had black bears made out of wood. Sheryl says the people that own the fake farm animals move them around so you don't get board looking at them in the same position when you are on this part of the trail often. One of the black bears had a sign on it that said "hi, my name is Mandi what's yours?" I wonder if they change the sign?

This part of the trail is like the one in Brookside. Many people coming and going. Today there was a lady on a 3 wheeled bike.  It looked kind of rickety as if she put it together herself.

It is always fun to hang around Sheryl. She has the power to make cars stop when we are near a crosswalk. She holds out her hand in the stop position. The drivers stop.

Some how we ended up at the quilt store. Sheryl had to go in to get something. I was exhausted. I plopped down outside in a iron chair in the shade, took my helmet off and caught my breath.  I had no desire to go into the quilt store. That should tell you how tired I was.

We rode back among the redwood trees, horses and fake farm animals.  I am glad I made myself go today. It was worth it.

Now it is time for some pomegranate bliss ice cream .

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