Sunday, May 2, 2010

I prayed

I am still graving over Ashley (our cat.) I have a head ache and I am very grumpy. I have cried on and off today. I am really not in a big hurry to get a new cat. I am not sure how the doggies would take having a baby around.

Last night my gig a low started talking about me finding a new kitty.  He talked about adopting one from a no kill shelter.  I was thinking to myself, I am not ready for a new cat.

Ashley loved my gig a low more them me. She was really his cat. OK I said. So last night I prayed, Lord if you really want us to have a new kitty, pave the path, cause I am not going to look for one.

Today I went over to my dad's to help him with a few things. When I got home my gig a lows friend had called to say his friends cat just had kittens. My gig a low said we have first pick. I looked up in the sky and said man, that was fast.

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