Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mental Health

I went swimming today for my mental health. The water was justttt right. It was good. My friend said it was good to see me smile again.

So last night Dad's temp was 102.6. They started him on IV antibiotics.

Today I stopped by the administration office to let them know that I was unhappy about the way they handled (or did not handle) my dad's chills and high temperature. No one had bothered to let them know my dad's fever was so high. More to this story that I am just to tried to talk about. Sigh.

Blue Ridge said that she heard 60,000 teachers are getting laid off nation wide. Whats up with that? Why don't people care about their kids anymore? I hope I am not around to see America as a 3ed world country.

I feel like I am going full steam ahead into a brick wall

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