Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking Risks

I believe sometimes we have to take risks to move forward. If the men on Omaha beach during WW11 did not take risks and push forward despite the odds, we would all be speaking Germen right now. I know bringing up "war words" are an extreme example.  I do feel like my dad's multiple illness are battles in the war he will ultimately lose. I guess ultimately we will all lose someday.

All my dad has to do now is focus on himself and his problems. If my dad just sits around and plays King, how will he ever get better??? I took a huge risk when we went outside for our first walk after surgery, he could fall at any second. Any fall would be the end of him. 

I worked in nursing for years, you have to push people to do things for themselves as much as you can. It is alot easier to do that when your not the daughter.

Today I might take my dad grocery shopping. He can drive around in one of those little go cart things. Maybe it is to soon to do that. Or maybe it will be good for him to get out and think about buying grocery's. Is it risky? yes. All kinds of germs, getting in and out of the car, falling off the go cart, his incision opening out again. Jeeze, maybe I am talking my self out of taking him out....

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