Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bible Study

So tonight at bible study we were planning a "fun" night. No one had any suggestions except going out to dinner. Don't get me wrong, I love to go out to dinner. But to the Olive Garden, come on people, that is so boring. So I piped up and said lets go see the Genghis Khan exhibit at the High Tech museum. It was dead silent. Finally someone said that sounds educational. I said yes, I like educational things.  Someone else said who is Genghis Khan, so I told them. They all voted that the Olive Garden would be a better choice. Oh well.

Sometimes I like to say what I think or what others may be thinking but are afraid to say it or write it.

Case in point- Tonight at bible study we ended up talking about building character I said (and I know i am not the only one in the world that feels this way) I am sick of all this building character stuff. I have enough character for 30 people. They said what, you want a trouble free life? yes. Even a vacation from my life would be good, They told me that it was good for me to go through my troubles that way I could speak from the heart to lead others to God.  Ok, how can you argue with that?

Dear Jesus,
I am like the people in the wondering in the desert. Whining and complaining, really you have provided much for me. Please forgive my sour attitude.  I know,  you know what is going on in my life. Please help me let go, and let you take over. I don't like being like this. I love to love you God. You talked about David being a man after your own heart even when he prayed for you to kill his enemies. David was depressed and cried on his pillow. He killed his soon to be wife's husband.  You still forgave him and said he was after your heart. I hope you can say that I am a woman after your heart. I don't want to end up a broken person like David.
Your Daughter.


ChaChaneen said...

Beautiful prayer my friend!

Mountain Momma said...

At our church we say we want to hear "Well done my faithful sons (and daughters), well done!"