Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long History -What happend to Dad

Burt is my aunt's husband. Burt's family worked on construction with my grandmothers family building all of California's HWYs.  My 1 mother never liked Burt or his family calling them "white trash", my second mother called Burt an "arrogant a** h***. " I was to young to remember Burt and his family.

In the late 80's my mothers brother (my uncle) died. My aunt (the widow of my uncle) to the shock of everyone in the family married Burt.

These are examples of Burt's personality:

 If Burt wanted something at the dinner table, he points and grunts like a cave man. Use your words Burt, you are capable. No, my aunt coddled him and would jump up and get what ever he was point and grunting at.

When my 2 mom died, Burt sat in my dad's chair and would not get up. He turned the TV on full blast and would not let go of the remote control.  This went on for about 2 hours after my 2 mothers funeral.

What an inconsiderate jerk. My family was first of all in shock of my 2 mothers death, then they where in shock of how Burt was acting. I got sick of the family whispering about how Burt was acting. I was worried about my dad , in my grief I yelled at Burt and told him to get his FAT ASS out of my dad's chair and turn the stupid tv off.  He complied.

As he has aged he has been falling down alot. My hunch tells me 50 % of his falls are to get attention. Just because that is the kind of person he is.

After my dad's Whipple surgery my aunt called and I told her to pass on by, don't stop. Burt makes my dad very edgy. My dad did not need that after all he had just been through.

On Tuesday my aunt , cousin and Burt stopped by to see my dad. I took dinner over.

My aunt called me into the garage and told me that Burt has decided  not to use a restroom any more. He just lets it go where ever he is at. He refuses to wear depends. Then Burt expects her or my cousin to clean him up.  Earlier that day my aunt, cousin and Burt went to Walmart.  Burt had a bowel movement all down the aisle.  I won't get into the gory detail.

My aunt is so sweet, I don't know how she has put up with him all these years. I am glad my cousin is around to help her out.

Oh boy... So I started to put dinner in the oven when they decided to go to the Moose Club for Taco Tuesday. Ok I am going home.

A few hours later I get a phone call from my brother in law saying something bad had happened.  My brother in law and my cousin where trying to help Burt get in the car. He told them to back off. They backed off. Burt fell over backwards and knocked my dad over. Burt landed on my dad therefore, he did not get hurt. My dad took the full brunt of the hit to the ground. Burt was fine, my dad was not.

Today my dad is suppose to have a total hip replacement.

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ChaChaneen said...

Oh honey, so sorry to hear this about your precious Dad! Praying for full recovery and peace for YOU!