Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day at SS Creek

I wanted to have a meal with my dad today. So me and my gig a low went to Smooth Stone Creek Convalescent (SSC) hospital to have lunch.

Our lunches came covered in one of those plastic domes.  Our lunch was something that resembled chicken cordon bleu (but I am still not sure what it was,)  a small salad, half of baked potato, and a family favorite, GREEN BEANS. It was all ok because I was having lunch with my dad and my gig a low.

Dad seemed to be in better spirits today, although he is still not using his right arm. He has not gotten out of bed yet. He is having a hard time eating because of the pain in his shoulder and his shaking.  His temperature has gone down to a low grade fever.

The nursing home staff seems to do pretty good about the care they give and the LVN's seem to be prompt with my dad's diabetic care.

This morning I was looking on the state's website. They give Convalescent hospitals a star rating just like hotels.  Windsor has a 1 star rating and SSC has 4.

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ChaChaneen said...

Happy Mothers Day K! Lurve ya!