Monday, May 10, 2010

The system 3 / Dave the RN

Before dad was discharged Dave the Kaiser RN came into dad's hospital room and informed us that dad needed to take off his hospital gown and put on real clothes. After giving Dave the 3ed degree about why does dad need to take off his hospital gown and put on his clothes I got the real answer.

Kaiser is losing money, each hospital gown cost $20. It is costing Kaiser hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in hospital gowns. He also said make sure the EMT's don't take the bedding. I told Dave that I understand most things these days boil down to the all mighty dollar.  On the other hand  Dave I have some problems here.

1, Dad can't move his right arm to get a shirt on

2. Dad cannnot stand up or do a hip raise to put his pants on

3. Are you helping me by telling me these things and walking out the door ?

4. You are not providing the help so dad can in fact change his clothes.

Soon after that the EMT showed up. They told me to go wait by the ambulance.  Ok. The first thing I noticed when they got dad down to the pick-up parking was he still had his hospital gown on. I said to the EMTs, Kaiser wants to keep their gown. They shrugged it off loaded dad up and off we went.

After getting buckled in the ambulance I noticed they had dad, his hospital gown, all this bed sheets, and blanket.  I told them Dave the RN wants his sheets back. The EMT's said Dave and Kaiser will be fine without them and off we went.

When we got to SS Creek, I said to the nursing staff, Kaiser wants all their stuff back. The little Asian nurse said don't worry about it and she wadded the hospital gown up and threw it in the dirty laundry. She said we have Kaiser staff here. It will be taken care of.  All righty then.

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