Saturday, May 8, 2010

The System 2 / Dad Update May 8 10

Today to the family's shock they discharged my dad to a nursing home. I have learned many things about Kaiser over this last year. The number 1 thing I learned is you need an advocate.

Last year when my dad had cancer surgery, Kaiser discharged my dad to the city dump that is called "Windsor Care Facility" over my protest. This time that was not going to happen.

My dad had already made up his mind he wanted to go to Smooth Stone Creek Convalescent hospital. The Kaiser "patient care coordinator" (discharge planner) came in and asked where he wanted to until he gets better.  S S Creek Convalescent dad said.  The planner came back to tell us that Smooth Stone Creek was booked up. They only had rooms available at Windsor. I said well then, I guess my dad is just staying here at Kaiser, because there is NO WAY he is going to that hell hole. My sister in law looked at me a little frazzled. The discharge planner said she would be back.

It truly was an amazing thing. 40 minutes later dad had a room at Smooth Stone Creek.  At 1:30 he was transported by ambulance to SS Creek. I rode in the ambulance with him.

Dad is having a hard time. Please pray for him, it is really rough right now.

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