Sunday, February 27, 2011


Chapter 3 "Radical" - David Platt

Here is what I believe are the main points
  • The holy spirit (ghost) has the power
  • Pratt says that these days the spirit is dead because it has been oppressed by all the finely old machines. Finely oiled mega churches and many other church today. They have great entertainment, strong leaders, excellent programs for every age group, but there is no room for the spirit to move. The churches are relying on themselves, not being depended on God.
  • We rely to much on ourselves, as it is the American dream, it is on our culture according to Pratt.
Have you ever heard this statement- God helps those who help themselves. That is the biggest lie from the pit of hell. It is not in the bible, God says just the opposite. We are suppose to rely on God. I have found that most of what is opposite of our culture is true of God.
Our culture - The survival of the fittest
God - The weak will be strong.
God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. How you may ask. With the power of the holy spirit.

Here are some of the names of the power you can get from the holy spirit. You just have to ask and believe.
  • wisdom 
  • knowledge
  • comforter
  • grace
  • council
  • truth
  • sound mind ( I need to start praying for this one)
To many to list.

I have been where the holy spirit moved in a room. Sometimes as a whisper, sometimes as a gale force wind.  I call it the holy roller power. Oh how I love that. I miss that. I long for that. I have personally felt the presents of the Lord. What a joyous and glorious thing. I know it sounds crazy. Until you have the holy spirit, been there a done that, their is no way to explain it.


Mountain Momma said...

But on the other hand, you have those people who do NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to better their situations or help themselves, saying "I'm waiting for God to tell me what to do" or, "If God wanted me to/didn't want me to, then he'd....."
I think you have to pray for guidance in a situation. You have to listen for guidance. You have to look into what YOU can do for yourself in said situation. Still pray for and listen for that guidance.
I do not believe God wants people to sit around and do nothing, telling others they are "waiting for an answer from God". God likes to know we are capable. I know plenty of people who say "I've prayed and prayed and prayed on this", and they continue with their lives until they listen to what God has put in their hearts. Don't stop being productive, praying or listening. Don't do nothing, waiting to hear what YOU WANT to hear. I know an entire family who is "waiting on God's word" and been waiting for 22 years....all while drugs are being delt out of their garage by a grandson, another grandson has torn up the house, including burning the old family Bible with the family history in it....don't get me started. Anyway, they're really waiting for what they WANT to hear, instead of what is BLARING in their ears!

KARNA said...

I used to be blown away at Agape when Terry would stop whatever he was doing on Sunday being led in his spirit, let the Spirit flow within the congregation. Once a message he had prepared went by the wayside and he followed the Spirit's leading. No message that day...not one prepared for sure, but what a message it was really. One of the best teachings ever...LET THE SPIRIT GO and FLOW! It was an amazing amazing powerful powerful awesome awesome blessing!!!!!!