Thursday, February 24, 2011

I would like to know

I would like to know how much people in other states are countries are paying for
  • One gallon of milk
  • One gallon of Gas
  • Their monthly cell phone plans 
  • 40 - 60 lbs of dog food
  • A cooked hot dog at a restaurant
  • Girl Scout cookies
Today my dad took me and my gig a low out to dinner in Ice Cube.  We went to Kaspers and had a hot dog. The hot dog's were $3.00 a piece. That did not include a drink, chips or anything.  At Costco hot dogs cost $1.50 with a drink. We also got the "Nacho Platter." The Nacho platter was a hand full of tortilla chips with liquid cheese on top. The cost of "Nacho Platter" was  cost $4.95. So I took them back and said I wanted real nachos with chili and onions on top of the liquid cheese. She changed me .80 cents for the chili. I thought that Kaspers was a rip off.

We came home and watched Survivor. I like Boston Rob. I pray that Russell has a born again experience. hehe.

It is very cold. BRRRRRRRRRRR. I hope it snows tomorrow!


ChaChaneen said...

Kaspers is not what it used to be. I agree, Costco can do it better, probably with the Nachos too! ha ha We lurve the hot Chicken Bake until I looked up the nutritional value on it and found out its loaded with sodium but for the occasional treat, it's gooooood!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Up here in the high country.....gas today(2/25)...regular was #3.34 and milk was $3.09....!! Gas went up $.27 since Tuesday..!!

Enjoy.....if you can