Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mental Retardation

A law was passed earlier this year,  mandating Federal statutes to no longer use the term "mental retardation;" the replacement phrase is "intellectual disability."

I have never had a child that was mentally retarded, had a intellectual disability or was developmentally delayed. I have never walked a mile in the parents shoes, but I have had a dysfunctional brain all my life, they call it dyslexia. I have been called stupid and lazy and other uncomplimentary terms because I can't spell or could not read when I was younger.

I was trained during my years at the hospital to say "mental retardation." It was a medical term. I wonder if medical staff now say "intellectual disability."
Yes, kids and some indiscriminate adults tease each other and call each other retards and M R's. That can be very hurtful. But who here thinks a law is going to change any of the hurt? I just don't understand how this law is going to change people's perceptions. Are parents going to feel better now that we say intellectual disability?

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KARNA said...

When I worked at the Boy Scouts Council office a mother was annoyed with me because I used the word 'handicapped'. She informed me that to be correct the term had been changed to 'physically challenged.' Many words have changed over the years, some good some stupid and no I dont think it helps any child who is teased because of their disability what the new word might be, sadly!