Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Secert Socity

The other day I was watching the demonstrations in Egypt / Cairo . Earlier in the day looters had broke in and beheaded mummy's and broke artifacts in the museum. Many of the protesters did not want that to happen again. I was so impressed to see the human chain around the museum to protect their national treasures.

Then an American reporter called in to tell his story.  Apparently, some of the protesters fled the city and were wondering around the neighborhoods. The reporters wife called him to say she was terrified, that these scarfed men were roaming the streets with AK-47's. She was alone with the kids. The reporter was almost in a panic state. He wanted to help his family, but he could not because he was stuck in the city.

That made me think, what would happen if  we had millions of protesters in a large city in America? Could that happen in America? yes. America has had our share of large protests since I was born. Civil rights and Vietnam anti-war protesters to name two. Although I was to young to remember. I have seen it on the history channel ;)

I started thinking about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Those were not protesters, but helpless people stuck in a bad situation. Gangs owned the streets. It was every man for himself. At lest that is what the media was portraying.

That lead me to ask this question. What would I do if there were people with AK-47's wondering around my neighborhood? Let me tell you there are people on my side of town that have AK-47's. And don't think they are not in yours.

Would a shot gun be good enough? No. Would I try to fight? Would I just let them kill me so my problems would be over with? I was talking to one of my friends about this. She said in her neighborhood there are  group of homeowners who "have each others backs." They all have guns, they would fight until the end. My friend said one of her neighbor's has a 2 story house, so they are the look out.

Wow, I am just becoming aware of what is going on in average neighborhoods. It is like a secret society that everyone knows about, and I am just finding out about it??.. So the good guys and the bad guys all have guns...

My gig a low and I have decided we are going to buy a WW2 Tank and park it in the driveway. That way we would outgun everyone in the area. I do have one requirement. It must have a turret. My gig a low says I can drive and he can shoot.

I know I have said it before, but it is true: California is the wild wild west.

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