Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice Cube

My dad bought a new car. It is a Nissan cube. I call his new car Ice Cube. He loves his little car. So today we went to IKEA so he could drive it. We got there early so we decided to eat breakfast upstairs. Because it was early IKEA was not packed. We wanted to get a window seat because they have a beautiful view of "the City," the bay, the Bay bridge and Golden Gate Bridge. So I asked this man if he could save the table next to his (you literately are sitting shoulder to shoulder) the 40 something man said "do you have kids?" I thought maybe he had been talking to Shorty. I said no, just me and my dad why? He mumbled something under his breath about bratty kids and there being so many of them at IKEA. I told him not to worry, no bratty kids here, just me. I have a feeling he would not of saved our seat if I would of said yes I have kids.

So me and dad ate the #3.99 breakfast special and enjoyed the view of the bay, and the traffic. The $3.99 breakfast special included "ham" not sure if it was from a pig. It was kind of grayish brown, and tasteless. Undercooked bacon, "scrambled eggs" that were yellow and dry and must of been made from powder, and "french toast sticks." More like Wonder Bread that was slightly toasted. I have to say I loved the loganberry syrup. I poured it over everything and tried not to look at what I was eating. Who cares anyways when you can sit and look at our beautiful city and world famous bridge. Not only that I was spending time with my dad.

Me and my dad had a grand time looking at everything in IKEA. We spent a long time in the kitchen department. We must of shopped for 3 hours.  I bought some new bowls. They said they were made in china. I have to wonder if they are full of lead? Oh well, you cant beat the price. I got a "Madagascar palm" for my gig a low.

Then it was back upstairs for Swedish meatballs. My dad almost fell off the escalator. I had to catch him. I almost broke his arm in two as I grabbed it. (I had to load dad up on the carbs I was afraid his sugar was low.)

This time there was no way we could sit by the window.  There were thousands of people who wanted to eat Swedish meatballs. I stood in line for 20 min. Dad and I had swedish meat balls, "gravy" that was like brown water, "mashed potatoes" from a box and a piece of old garlic bread, one slice of strudel cake" that tasted like apples and flour. The best part was the loganberry jam. I mixed it with everything so I could get some sort of taste. I also had their canned pear sparking cider. I liked that.

We took the long way home, so my dad could drive his new car. Ice cube is very roomy inside and comfortable.  It seems like the perfect car for my dad.

We drove by my property, that is 6 feet long and 8 feet deep. What a nice view of the bay I have. My dad asked if we should stop by and visit the relatives. NO not today dad.

I had a very good day!

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KARNA said...

what a great day for you and your pop and his new ice cube!!