Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rock Star

Have you been watching the Charlie Sheen interviews? The very first thing I would do is call child protective services. Could you imagine what is was like for the mother of those twins to hear Charlie Sheen's 2 young blond "goddesses" say they love the kids! Holding them and kissing them and acting as if the twins were theirs. It made me want to puke.

I guess Charlie Sheen wants to be like Hugh Hefner and have a stable full of young beautiful women. The truth is the women want the money the men want the sex. Fine. But leave the kids out of the situation. I heard Charlie Sheen say last night his child support payments are $110,000 a month.

Charlie Sheen calls himself a rock star because he survived the latest bender. Well, I have news for you Charlie, if it wasn't for the cops, the medical staff and the "treatment center" you would be dead. Why are you taking all the credit for yourself. I can think of many  rock stars that have OD and die in my life time.

Some people are entertained watching Charlie Sheen kill himself, they admit it. Maybe Charlie Sheen and Whitney Houston should get together. Now that would be entertaining. One interviewer asked him about Michael Jackson. Charlie Sheen said Michael Jackson was stupid because he was using "hospital drugs." Therefore, he cannot be compared to Michael Jackson.

I have never watched 2 1/2 men or what ever that show is that he is on. I think they did the right thing in firing Charlie Sheen. If I was on a bender and didn't show up to work I would get fired. Addicts ALWAYS blame everyone else for what ever goes wrong. Because of Charlie Sheen's actions everyone he is surround by is paying the consequences. Addicts don't see that. They only think of themselves.


KARNA said...

I pray for Charlie...I love this bad boy but he needs Jesus so bad!!! I'm glad his children were removed from the house. Its an awful thing when partiers won't grow up. Go get him Lord!!!

Mountain Momma said...

We love the show Two and a Half Men, but he's not the entire show! He's a main character, and the show couldn't go on without him, but it couldn't go on without the other 2 main characters either.
He honestly thinks he's some sort of god, and that there is the drugs talking. I was glad to hear this morning that the mother of his twins has filed a restraining order, and the noon news said today police removed the babies from his home. My husband asked "where's his dad & brother?" My answer was his dad & brother have come to his aid every single time, and maybe they have decided enough is enough. Besides, he apparently doesn't think he needs help. He thinks he's just fine. He thinks he's handling the drugs and has super powers others don't.
He's clearly an addict. I'm glad someone finally took the babies away.
Addiction is a selfish, selfish thing. He wants to destroy himself, fine. The "women" (using that term loosely here) choosing to ride this ride with him are (legally) adults and can destroy themselves as well if they wish. His children do not have the choice to walk away, they rely on adults for their well being.
I've ridden the roller coaster of addiction, enabler, recovery and fleeing for the safety of my children. I have zero tolerance for this situation.
I will pray he finds strength to realize he's lost and needs help. I will pray for his ex-wives and all of his small children, for their safety and shelter from this.