Friday, February 25, 2011

Fat Boy

My boy dog Jack is making me laugh so hard. Thank God for dogs. Jack is a very smart dog, in fact his nick name is Lassie. Jack's other nick name is fat boy. He is getting a little hefty as he ages. Jack can sit, shake, turn around, lay down, "take a nap" (play dead), he can open and close doors, he can back up. Jack likes to bark and rattle the front gate to scare people as they walk by for kicks.

Tonight Jack decided I need to give him a "cookie" from the cookie jar.

I am in my office checking facebook when I hear Jack giving me that I have to go outside whine. I go out to the kitchen and there stands Jack, looking at me and then looking at the cookie jar. I said to him what do you want? Jack looked at the cookie jar and looked at me again, wagging his tail 90 mph. I acted like I did not know what he wanted, so he goes to his dinner bowl and starts eating out of frustration. (I think I have mention before he is an emotional eater) I said again, What do you want? Jack runs over to the cookie jar, looks at me, looks at the cookie jar and barks. What you want a "free" cookie? You don't want to "work" for it I ask him. He whines, barks and wags his tail again.

Ok I admit it, I am an enabler with my dogs.

Jack did all the work as usual and Sara just stood by in-case something good was going to happen. So they both got a "free" cookie with out doing any work for it tonight. Spoiled little doggies. If they were kids they would be those little tyrants that Shorty talks about. I would be the mom who says her kids are perfect.

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