Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hosptial Trip Update.

So yesterday I spent the day with my In laws at the hospital. They both got food poising from the Outback. My mother in law's daughter and son in law also got food poising and ended up at a hospital in San Jose.  They had taken my father in law out for his birthday dinner.

As you may know, my father in law is fighting cancer and his system is compromised. Anyone being treated with Chemotherapy is whisked way immediately. Chemo-patients are at high risk for catching anything that is flying around the hospital. So I helped my father in law settle in. They put my mother in law two doors down from my father in law. So I could go back and forth between them.  I have a hard time sitting still while I am at the hospital. It must be nervous energy.

The ER parking was easy, the staff was friendly. Each patient had their own room. I asked the nurse if they color code the patients like they do at Kaiser? They do color code patients. They do it on the computer, not like Kaiser that uses signs that says RED this way and green that way. At this hospital the text on the computer is color coded. If the writing is in gray, your going to be ok, green is your sick, pink is your in serious condition and red means your knocking on deaths door. 

The doctor was a young woman and soft spoken. She was very kind. The doctors are color coded too. They all had moss green scrubs on. the other staff wore patterned - colored scrubs.  At this hospital the staff have these little white cell phones to communicate with one another.

It is to bad this hospital is sitting on top of a fault, like most of them in the bay area.

They let my In Laws go home about 1:00 pm. . Around 8 pm my mother in law called and said that we might have to take my father in law back to the hospital. My father in law did not want to go. I have not heard the update  as of yet.

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