Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hay Mikie I like it

This "semesters" bible study is Radical: Taking back your faith from the American Dream, by David Platt.
 I complained and moaned and grumbled about this book.  I told everyone I am a Radical Christian already, why do I need to read a book about it. One day to prove how radical I am I wore my Camo's to church. Nobody asked me why I was wearing Camouflage to church. It was my own protest to this book.  Did I have to go to this bible study? no. SO why did I feel like I needed to put up a fight?
No doubt you have guessed what has happened. I like the book so far. I am only on chapter 2.

The main points in Chapter two are
  • God is not only a loving God, but he is also judge and jury.
  • Luke warm believers will not go to heaven.
  • In America many people go to church for the entertainment value. The dance, the drama, the coffee bistro, the cool videos, the music label worship band.
  • Many people long to hear God's word with out all the props.
I have to say I am one of those people. I long to hear, read and discuss God's word. I love to get in a room with people who I called "spiritual heavy hitters." I want to hash out the things I read. Gods word is alive and exciting to me. I am thank full my pastor reads out of the bible. Verse by verse. Chapter by chapter.

Pratt makes this point is God does not need us, we need him. How true. This is not a shock or a revelation to anyone who has come from the world of addiction.

Pratt is also right that the scariest words in the bible are "I didn't even know you." (Jesus talking about the future and judgment day for believers.)

I kind of like being "worldly." I don't really like being "set apart." I like to blend in with everyone else. I know what your saying, RQ you have never blended in with everyone else. Wishful thinking I guess. 
So what am I going to do to change? Hummm.


R. Quilter said...

When I said God does not "need us" that does not mean he does not love us. After all he created us in his own image. He forgives us time after time. He gave his only son to save us from sin. Only a loving God would do that.

KARNA said...

the very fact that he does not need us but wants us is downright amazing isn't it. Psalm 8 has always been a favorite of mine...who am I that HE is mindful of me; yet he is!!! HE is!! HE IS!!!! whoooooppppeeeeeeee

Glad you went to the bible study anyway even though you thot you were radical enough. too bad you dind't do that with beth could have closed your eyes (kind of like putting syrup on everything and mixing it up to cover the taste of bland food at Ikea) and yet been blessed beyond your socks with that The Inheritance is brining to us. AMAZING what the Lord has give us...simply amazing...beyond any words I have really. love you sistah...and we have to think of a place to eat next Monday night with the two white bread girls LOL