Friday, February 4, 2011

No News Is good News?

First the bad news. Shorty called to tell me 2 of her former students have died this year. How very sad. Shorty said that her students parents have died before, but this is the first year they have had former students die..

The Neighborhood Hero's adult granddaughter had a baby today.  I was shocked to get a phone call from the The Neighborhood Hero's wife to say the baby was born at 3 pm this afternoon. I was suppose to go to the baby shower tomorrow. The baby weighs 4 pounds. The Mama has preclancia (did I spell that right?) I think the baby is only 36 weeks old. The Neighborhood Hero's wife just sent me a photo on my cell phone. Little baby girl looks so sweet, even with all the wires that she has attached to her. She has brown hair and big brown eyes.

Prayer Warriors-Please pray for:
little baby girl's lungs to develop and she lives a strong and healthy life. For Mama to get well soon.
the parents who loose their children.
Thank you.

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