Thursday, February 17, 2011


You maybe asking yourself how in the world does RQ deal with all that stress ?
  • exercise- no
  • Talk to a shrink-no
  • take the dogs on a walk -no
  • getting in fist fights - no
  • going to a "night club"- no
  • cheating on her husband - no
None of the above.  Here is the answer. Girl Scout Cookies. Especially the cookie called Tagalongs. OH my gosh do I love the Tagalongs. The vanilla wafer like cookie covered with peanut butter, covered with chocolate are so delicious.  

When I take a bite of the cookie I think of skipping and playing hopscotch and being very happy. You can almost hear Sammy Davis Jr. singing "Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it with dew? Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two" when you eat a Tagalong. I have temporary relief and instant gratification the very minute I put a cookie in my mouth. I try to savior each moment with my Tagalong. My addiction cost $4.00 a box. They are much cheaper then cigarettes, liquor or drugs. They are only available for a short time, so I have to get them while I can. 

I am humming the tune of Beth from the 70's group KISS- Tagalong I hear you calling, but I can't eat you right now..I am so very tired and it is time to go to bed.. but in just few more hours, I will be right there with you? Tagalong what can I do?  

This year for the first time I bought "Thank U Berry Munch" cookies (don't tell the Tagalongs) They are a more mature cookie. They are a very tasty companion with coffee. As for fun they don't hold a candle to Tagalongs. 

I have 4 tagalongs left. I have to save them, I have to be like a squirrel hiding walnuts. IF all goes well tomorrow I will start the day with a ""Thank U Berry Munch" and end the day with a Tagalong.


Mountain Momma said...

Pssssst......Sister & I will be selling GS cookies at site sales next weekend. Want me to grab you a couple of boxes? :)

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve your new Queen card on your profile, very cute! I lurve the Samoa's cookie... it's the coconut. $4 a box now, geeeeez that really bites! I pray that your wilderness season is coming to a close my sweet friend.