Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shorty Called Pay Attention

Shorty called to tell me about her church, (and lots of other things that I am not going to repeat right now) She said the pastor of her church blacked out the windows so all eyes would be on him, and not looking outside. I said that is funny mine did too. What is it, some new trend that is going around the country? I asked why the pastor did not put in stain glass? At least it would be pretty and let some light in. She said she thinks her pastor is a control freak. She went on to say you can't stop people from day dreaming. Shorty said she feels like she is walking into a mortuary every time she goes to church.

I have been a public speaker, I understand how hard it is when you look out and see people talking, texting, sleeping, walking out (that tells you what kind of public speaker I was hehe) Sometimes you get people who really listen and hang on to all the words you are saying. Sometimes what the speaker (me in this case) had to say was boring. It is really hard to keep peoples attention. People will judge you by your shoes, hair,  makeup, clothes. They judge if you are to fat or to skinny. The listeners don't even really hear what you are saying sometimes because they are to busy looking at all the other factors I have just listed. People get distracted windows or not.  Sometimes your audience can't relate to what your speaking of, because they have never been there and done that.. I was always really careful not to talk about politics because it polarize people. Although I did a one day lobby up in Sacramento, and that was a blast. . My 15 minutes of fame is over.  The one thing I have learned from public speaking is you cannot force people to listen or pay attention.

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KARNA said...

I'm just fascinated that pastors blacken the windows of their church so that people won't daydream looking out those windows. I know there were some schools being built in the 70s - 80s that had no windows for the same reason. I say this: If the pastor is so boring that people need to look out a window the pastor ought to work on their public speaking and teaching abilities. Just sayin'

My pastor is such a good teacher, my eyes never leave him. Once he asked me what i was thinking cuz I guess he noticed my 'glare'. LOL I said I'm taking it all in, like a sponge, you are that great of a teacher. He still is 20 years later! (ok 19.5)

I was thinking this Sunday as he began his series on o man, he has only gotten better over the years and I am still focused only on him.

Now I sit in the 2nd or 3rd row so I am not distracted by dopes who wiggle, talk to their neighbor or who forgot to go to the bathroom before they entered the building! OH and I dont like sitting behind people who are drinking coffee either. When the heck did that become okay?PET PEEVE

Ok i've ranted on long enough! love you!!! xoxoxo