Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami / Earthquake

 I think we can all agree that our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan.

The first tsunami I can remember was 5 years ago, just a few days after my 2 mother died. I was in shock because of her sudden departure. Every time I would turn on the tv, there was more death and destruction. It was overwhelming to watch people getting swept out to sea. My heart broke last time and it is again. This time I watched earthquake and tsunami in Japan with horror because it seemed to be more "real." I am not numb for an unexpected death.

We woke up to hear WE were having tsunami warnings. I was thinking there is NO WAY I would get on the BART train. The tsunami hit Santa Cruz the hardest around here. It caused $17 million in damages.Dumbass surfers who think they are experienced Mavericks decide to catch the wave.

So I hear 3 people died on the califorina coast. One was a 25 year old taking photos of the ocean. I know we have to think of the young age and the poor family of this person, but why don't people get it. If you hear a tsunami is coming RUN for higher ground.

Today I was at my favorite Gunpoint dive restaurant Papa's. The fisher men and boat owners were talking about how the tsunami came down the river. One guy said his friends 30 foot boat capsized. I bet you didn't hear that on the news.

I keep praying that the Nuclear power plant in Japan does not go into a total melt down. Maybe it has already I am not sure. Do you remember the first nuclear cloud that floated over California? I don't remember if it was from 3 mile island or Chernobyl. It rained that day. I will never forget it. Do I think nuclear power is worth all the death and suffering, no.

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