Monday, March 14, 2011

Mrs. Harie

A few days before I was suppose to show up at the Harie's house, Mrs. Harie called. She wanted to know if I could come a little early. This is very unusual because The Haries don't do mornings. Mrs. Harie wanted me to get Mr. Harie ready. A life time friend was coming to town to have breakfast with them. Sure no problem.

When I arrived at 9:00 AM,  Mr. Harie was in his Pajamas. He was busy shuffling things from here to there. He was mumbling about "stuffed shirts." I had no idea what he is talking about. Mrs. Harie was sitting at the kitchen dinette, drinking coffee and reading the paper. I ask what time is your meet up?

Mrs. Harie explained - well, you see our long time friend called the other day and suggested we meet at the up scale hotel in downtown Brookside.

I said what time do you need to be there? Mrs. Harie looked over her glasses at me and said her friends suggested 10:00 am, Mrs. Harie told them 10:30," The Harie's friend said "10:00" again. Mrs. Harie said 10:30 once again. Mrs. Harie told me that their "friends" are very wealthy and they expect people to say how high, when they say jump. Mrs. Harie tells me we will arrive at the hotel at 10:30.( hehehe she is a little devilish)

When I started to help Mr. Harie get ready he explained that his life long friend is worth about $4 million. It seems Mr. Harie's friend has a I am better, richer then you attitude. That is why he calls him a "stuffed shirt." It takes a long time to get Mr. Harie ready. He dressed in docker pants and shoes, a collared shirt and a nice pull over sweater. Mrs. Harie puts on jeans and a tee shirt.

We get in the car around 10:20. Mrs. Harie's phones rings. It is Mrs. Stuffed Shirt wondering if they were coming. Oh yes, she said we will be there at 10:30 and hung up her cell phone. (hehe) Mrs. Harie invited me to come and have breakfast with them. No thank you, I replied. I have errands to run while you two are eating breakfast.

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